Mobility: Customer Engagement Solutions

Customers may wish to interact with the contact center through their mobile devices. Hence, as noted in a previous blog, (See Mobility: It’s More Than Just Apps!) customer engagement solutions need to be considered as part of the overall mobility strategy.

The objective of the mobile-focused customer engagement solution is to help people get service from the enterprise’s contact center via a mobile application on their smartphone.

This solution is based on Avaya Customer Connections Mobile, which is integrated into the enterprise’s smartphone application and allows communication with the contact center via IVR or directly to an agent.

  • Customers using applications integrated with Avaya Customer Connections Mobile are presented with dynamic menus enabling them to locate the most useful information for their specific need or inquiry. Should customers require more information or wish to speak to a live agent or expert, the mobile app presents them with that capability.
  • Avaya Customer Connections Mobile is fully integrated into the enterprise’s contact center, and when the customer wants to talk with an agent, it allows best use of agent talents and training. By giving the agent full, rich context, such as geolocation and images, the hand-off from one channel (mobile) to another (voice) is seamless, minimizing the need for the customer to repeat information. Agents are more informed when receiving a voice call, agent efficiency is increased and the quality of the interaction is improved–resulting in both enhanced employee and customer satisfaction, and strengthening customer relationships and loyalty.
  • If no agents are available when needed, Avaya Customer Connections Mobile presents the customer with estimated wait time and choices for an immediate return call (when an agent does become available) or the ability to schedule a return call at a time convenient for them, reducing unnecessary hold times. Regardless of when the conversation occurs, the agent receives the full context of the customer’s previous self-service session.
  • Avaya Customer Connections Mobile appeals to the growing mobile consumer base, while increasing agent efficiency and first-call resolution using rich context, leverages existing investments, and enhances customer interactions by combining the voice and visual experience through mobile devices, improving the customer experience.
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