Avaya + Google: The Who, How, and What of an Exciting Alliance

Yep, that’s right, two of the best, bringing you the best. Here’s the scoop on who, how and what:

Who. You may not have heard yet about the collaboration just announced between Avaya and Google, but it’s pretty big news for organizations using or considering Avaya Call Center solutions. We are jointly developing solutions to make technology adoption simple, to help you meet your business objectives for customer experience improvement and enhanced contact center efficiency, and to support top-line business growth initiatives.

How. We’re linking Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite with Chromebooks. This creates a potent combination of Avaya expertise in customer engagement and Google’s leadership in Web applications and simple, fast and secure device messaging, such as through Chrome devices. The result – Avaya Agent for Chrome – provides important contact center management efficiencies and fast, cost-effective access to a full suite of technologies needed for real-time customer response.

What. Avaya Agent for Chrome is a Chrome application that enables contact center agents to access Avaya Aura Call Center Elite from a Chromebook to manage voice calls. They can do it from anywhere, even without a desk phone. The Chrome application enables call handling and voice communication via WebRTC over a Chromebook with a headset, or calls can be sent to a landline or mobile device. Should the quality of a VoIP call degrade, the agent can manually switch the voice path to a landline or mobile connection. And, yes, of course you can screen pop valuable customer information for improved customer engagement and experience.

And it’s simple! Avaya Agent for Chrome eliminates the need to download a native client to individual agent endpoints. It can be deployed to address a variety of requirements such as seasonal capacity, mobility and technology refresh.

The Avaya Agent for Chrome solution is a fresh example of the Avaya and Google drive to lead the way in communications and collaboration for the 21st century. What impact could our solution have on your contact center? Let me hear from you.