Mobility: It's More Than Just Apps!

Avaya’s mobility solutions are intended to increase the availability and responsiveness of employees, by allowing them to communicate and collaborate from anywhere independent of location, network, device, or device ownership–while reducing communication expense.

When planning for mobility, consider a strategy that addresses a broad range of use cases:

  • Teleworker: A knowledge worker, task worker or contact center agent who works from home either on a regular or casual basis.
  • Road Warrior: An employee who needs to communicate while in transit, work from a public place or hotel, or operate from a customer or partner location.
  • Enterprise Roamer: An individual working in and around an enterprise facility while not at an assigned desk. This may include individuals moving from a desk to a conference room, a nurse, doctor, hotel- or retail associate that does not use a desk, or a knowledge worker who uses “hoteling” to occupy a temporary office, workspace, or cubicle.
  • Desk Worker: Workers who are not mobile per se, but who benefit from mobility capabilities that allow them to remain in contact with associates who are remote and mobile, and to complement their work with mobile devices while at their desk.
  • Customers: Customers who wish to interact with the contact center through their mobile devices.

Avaya’s strength comes from the ability to support a multitude of use cases.

While some people may fit only one of the personas above, Avaya anticipates that many mobile workers operate across multiple personas. It is critical that the user can shift easily between devices and networks, and that services are available in a consistent manner and contextually-relevant to the device, network and location.

Further, the user experience should be simple, so the technology or communications task flow does not detract from the real workflow at hand.

Stay tuned to this blog for solution ideas to address each of these use cases.

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