4 Reasons Why a Complete Customer Experience Strategy Must Include a Unified Contact Center and Workforce Optimization Solution

We know that a huge shift in customer service is underway, driven, for the most part, by increasing consumer demands and expectations. The challenge is for organizations to meet customer expectations and mitigate customer satisfaction risks. This requires simultaneously transforming customer engagement strategies to meet expectations while optimizing operational performance.

A unified contact center and workforce optimization solution plays a vital role in driving higher levels of customer experience and engagement, whilst delivering against required operational performance targets such as efficiency and cost.

Why do I say that? Well here are 4 key reasons:

Improve Operational Performance

Integrating your contact center and workforce optimization (WFO) solutions unifies multiple functions into a seamless process. User interfaces and databases are integrated, system administration and security are simplified, learning curves and training expenses are reduced, installs and upgrades are simplified, and maintenance costs become lower. All of which translates into lower total cost of ownership and faster, on-going ROI.

It’s Great for Customers

A unified contact center and WFO paves the way for an enhanced contact center experience and the initiation of a performance improvement culture — both key components of customer centricity. Balancing productivity with quality and improving service across customer touch points and complex transactions translates into improved first contact resolution and customer satisfaction and therefore, higher customer retention, and increased revenues driven though the contact center cross-sell/up-sell initiatives.

And, it’s Great for Agents

Let’s not forget about our agents. A unified solution helps ensure they have visibility of their performance. Development issues are spotted early, and coaching and eLearning are delivered in a targeted and timely way to empower, motivate and please agents. And happier agents, as I mentioned in a recent blog “Are Your Agents Driving the Best Results for Your Contact Center?” result in happier customers and happier customers, in turn, equal good business!

Deliver True Experience Management

Delivering true experience management at optimum service levels requires an open, scalable unified solution that brings together previously disparate and disconnected systems, business processes, and communications channels. Companies that can effectively shift their focus to address the new realities of customer experience management will win the game and be a leader in their market. Integrating workforce optimization (WFO) with your contact center can help you achieve this by creating a truly unified and holistic experience for your customers.

Avaya enables organizations with many of these capabilities by integrating Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization into the Avaya Customer Experience Management solutions portfolio. As the industry leader, Avaya continues its commitment to enabling your enterprise to maximize its customer service performance to positively impact your customer engagement strategy. For more information, go to http://www.avaya.com/usa/product/avaya-aura-workforce-optimization

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