The Top 3 Ways Information Technology Impacts Patient Care

When thinking of key factors that affect the level of care that patients receive, we tend to exclude or not think of the technology that is enabling healthcare providers to provide effective services.

Healthcare information technology has grown and matured drastically in recent decades. Electronic Health Records, networking, data storage, and communications technologies have become critical pieces of the healthcare ecosystem. Effective implementation of these systems can improve quality of care and patient safety, bolster patient information security and augment the level of interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

Let’s take a look at each of these points:

#3: Quality of Care and Patient Safety

Electronic Health Records (EHR) can improve quality of care by providing healthcare providers an easily-accessible, up-to-date and comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history. In doing so, they also improve patient safety by reducing the possibility of prescription error or other issues that could lead to potential legal claims.

#2: Patient Information Security

Due to the sensitive nature of patient records, the Federal government enacted the Health Insurance and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which established regulations for safeguarding health information. Technologies such as stealth networking can facilitate HIPAA compliance and ensure that patient information is secure, while still providing simplicity of deployment and maintenance.

#1: Interaction Between Patients and Healthcare Providers

Effective interactions between patients and doctors are critical, and information technology is facilitating more ways to communicate and collaborate than ever before. Healthcare providers are adopting technologies such as multichannel communications, mobile apps, and telemedicine in order to accelerate care and provide a better patient experience.

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This article was a guest post from Rob Arguello.

Rob Arguello is part of Avaya’s Industry Marketing team. Rob joined Avaya in early 2014 via the Global Management Development Program. His prior experience includes content management and Internet marketing. He has a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from San Jose State University.

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