Where in the World are the New GMDPs?

I’m proud to say I’m a new addition to Avaya’s Global Management Development Program (GMDP).

The GMDP’s goal is to grow a pipeline of future leaders, develop and retain best-in-class talent and, honestly, to continue to invigorate Avaya.

And, at first, it’s a strange concept.

Avaya makes cutting-edge products that are used by some of the biggest, and frankly coolest, brands out there. The Winter Olympics? Check. Buddy Valastro from TLC’s “The Cake Boss?” Check. Multiple United States’ government agencies? Check.

So why would Avaya need GMDPs to invigorate the company?

The best businesses in the world, ones like Avaya, are always creating … better technology, better products, better processes and, in this case, better employees.

As Avaya invests in its newest employees, it invests in its future.

Over the next two years, the GMDP will challenge my colleagues and me to become more cross-functional, more courageous and better decision-makers. It will encourage us to break silos, think outside of the box, smash down any perceived barriers.

The GMDP will not just allow our growth. It will demand it.

Part of the program is forming a community within the GMDP, one that breaks functional, geographical and cultural boundaries.

This is the second round of GMDP hiring, but the first time the “G” (global) is really emphasized. Over the next month, there will be at least 71 new GMDP hires joining more than 15 locations, spanning the United States, Dubai, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Australia, the list goes on.

In the words of my new colleague, fellow GMDP member Wong Jun Kai from Singapore, we are joining “a special community within Avaya, one that inspires and encourages collaboration opportunities.”

“If I were to describe my work experience thus far (only two weeks actually!), with three words, they would be: refreshing, insightful and humbling,” he said.

So where in the world are the new GMDPs? Find him (Singapore), me (Santa Clara) and other GMDP members on the map below.

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Avaya’s Global Management Development Program (GMDP): Building a Global Community from the Inside Out

I recently became a freshly minted member of Avaya’s Global Management Development Program (GMDP), and I’ve got to tell you … I couldn’t be more excited!

The GMDP is Avaya’s way to grow future leaders, and the program has been incredibly well received by managers and participants alike. Those of us who are chosen for the program begin a two-year rotational program, learning the ins and outs of Avaya while also sharpening our business acumen, learning lessons, and gaining skills that will help us advance down our chosen career paths.

And when I say learning, I mean from some of the best. Besides the invaluable lessons we’ll receive from our teams and mentors at Avaya, GMDPs also get to study a custom, tailored curriculum from top professors at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, attending interactive classes via Avaya’s own Scopia platform. Cool, right?

Since the program’s inception in 2014, approximately 260 GMDPs have been hired into the program, and while the very first class was limited to the U.S., the program has gone global, with participants from all over the world. That diversity is important because a big part of the program is forming a community within the GMDP, one that breaks functional, geographical and cultural boundaries.

The GMDP excites me personally for many reasons. I’ve already been with Avaya for close to two years as an intern, so joining the program cements the first firm step in my career path. During my time at Avaya, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many GMDPs who started before me, and every single one sang the praises of their time in the program, its challenges and opportunities, and all the fun they had along the way. Now that I’m part of the group, I look forward to learning anything and everything I can–from my colleagues, my managers, my team–the possibilities are limitless.

My colleagues and I are working for a company that pushes boundaries and innovates within its industry every day. Over the next two years, my GMDP class will be challenged to become more courageous, more cross-functional, to smash through barriers and tear down silos, and to grow as people and leaders. I can’t wait.