[Case Study] How Landmark Bank Uses Avaya to Provide Personalized Customer Experiences

Imagine your local teller–let’s call her Sandy–at your commercial bank of choice. Sandy knows who you are, greets you by name and provides a high level of service tailored to your needs. Many smaller banks operate this way, and is one of the reasons they are successful and retain clients.

Now imagine that your bank implements an automated response system to centralize customer service requests, and instead of being connected to Sandy directly, you are routed to a contact center.

What if instead of listening to a long list of options (“Press One for English” or “Oprima el 5 para Español,” etc.), the contact center technology uses your caller ID and information from your last call to elect to call Sandy directly? This will soon be reality at Landmark Bank.

Brenda Emerson, CIO at Landmark Bank, recently faced the age-old problem of growing commercial banks – providing expanded service in a cost-effective way without losing the hometown bank feel.

With Avaya Aura® Experience Portal, Landmark Bank will have the ability to use smart routing, so that after one initial call, a person can elect to be routed directly to their preferred teller when calling the central customer service number. While the back end operations will have changed, the front end customer experience remains constant.

“We have the scale, size and expertise to still have a great community feel, yet bring technology to our markets,” Emerson says. “We think that those two things together give us a competitive advantage.”

In addition to the capability for smart routing, Landmark Bank has eliminated geographic boundaries with Avaya Scopia technology. Scopia video conferencing is now used by customers looking for specialist consulting within their local branch.

For example, you come into your local Landmark Bank branch looking to discuss mortgage options but the regional expert is located in another office. Using Scopia, Landmark Bank can queue up a high-definition video call with a mortgage specialist on-site in real-time.

“With Scopia, somebody said to me, it’s almost like they’re in person,” Emerson said. “It never felt that way with our old video system. Even if someone needs to call in, it sounds like they’re in the room with you.”

To learn more about how Landmark Bank has succeeded with Avaya, click here.

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