Why Professional Services Are Critical For Enterprise Success

Our customers are constantly trying to find ways to save money and be more efficient. One of the best ways to save money and increase efficiency is by leveraging new communication and network technologies into your business.

However, improving an enterprise’s efficiency isn’t as simple as downloading a new piece of software and hitting “Go.”

A complete understanding of communication and network technologies is required to implement and support new solutions.  Simply stated, it requires the experience and knowledge to know what to expect, and how to plan ahead in order to avoid potential roadblocks.  To meet end-users expectations, the key points to address are:

  • Unified Communications – Though it adds complexity to the network, as a result it improves and simplifies the communications experience for the user.
  • Network Architecture – A solid foundation to build upon is paramount. Leveraging the experience of a professional services team will improve implementation efficiency, increase network uptime and help avoid problems before they start.
  • Enterprise-Wide Data Planning – Create a more optimal operating environment, with an eye to future growth and development.
  • Centralize Your Core Data Networking Components – Lower your costs by allowing a professional services team to implement SIP trunking services that consolidates voice, video and data over the same SIP connection.  This will translate to a better utilization of network resources and save you money.

However, each enterprise is different; one size does not fit all.

The implementation of new and complex technologies requires someone with the knowledge and experience to get it done right the first time, someone who can ensure the solution will work in your unique situation, with professional implementation and support.

For example, it seems like each day we learn of a new incident where someone has hacked into an organization’s network and stolen sensitive customer information, credit card data, etc.  Now, imagine you have a contact center and you need to provide secure voice communication to safeguard credit card transactions made over the phone.  We don’t often view a phone call as something that can be hacked, but it can.  How will you protect that information?  What is your plan?  What are you going to do to protect your customer’s privacy and credit information, and comply with banking regulations?  This is when having a trusted professional services partner will prove invaluable to you and your organization’s future.

So when considering professional services options, here are some questions you should ask before planning to implement any new technology:

  • What impact will the solution have on our network?
  • Who has the experience to analyze our network and business requirements?
  • Who provides a consultative approach that addresses ideas to maximize enterprise performance and revenue, save costs, and avoid expensive problems and issues?

Leveraging the right professional services team is incredibly important, so choose wisely.

* * *

This article, by Steve Saffel, originally appeared on the Altura Blog, and is reprinted with permission.

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