Life is a Journey – Don’t Let Lack of Coverage Create a Detour

Are you married? Homeowner? Business owner?

No matter which category we fall in to, we have probably had an insurance policy at some point in our lives.

It can make our world a much safer place if we have confidence in the insurance company we have selected.

Regardless of previous experiences, we need our policies and the insurance companies know this!

I often check my policies to ensure I am getting the best deal and out of curiosity I found some pretty jaw dropping facts:

• A motor vehicle is stolen on average every 44 seconds in the U.S.

• The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) released a report last August analyzing stolen cars, insured or not, in 2012. That report indicated the Honda Accord was the most stolen car for the fifth year in a row.  Wow – I am sure Honda PR is all over that one!

• Superstorm Sandy, which occurred in October 2012, resulted in $7.4 billion in  National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) payouts as of January 2014, second only to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina with $16.3 billion in payouts.

• The number one largest natural catastrophe of 2013 by overall losses was the flooding in Central Europe during late May early June. Resulting in insured losses of US$3,000 million.

These statistics demonstrate just how important it is to have coverage. Insurers must be prepared for all types of cases and must leverage technology effectively in order to reap more business.

For a customer centric model to work, they need to put the customer first and more importantly, make that customer feel they are their priority.

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Avaya solutions support this engagement model by allowing insurers to be proactive and anticipate customer needs.

Watch the following video to see how multichannel proactive engagement can improve the customer experience:

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