Don’t Have a Pen? Don’t Worry, With Webtext and Avaya Aura®

In my recent post, Stop Wasting Your Time on Hold and Use Webtext with Avaya Aura, I showed how Webtext Call Directed to Text™ allows you to jump the queue and get immediate service using your SMS-capable device. As great as it is to get off hold and get what you need quickly, what about those times when you need more? SMS text messaging helps.

How many times have you experienced this? You are on the phone and a call center agent wants to give you some important information. Maybe you’re racing through the airport terminal, bags in hand. Maybe you’re driving, hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. That helpful customer service agent speaking to you from the ether wishes to impart to you that valuable piece of information.

Maybe it’s your confirmation number, the address of your hotel, directions… there’s no place to pull over in multiple lanes of traffic in a strange city. Even if you made it to the curb, you’d have to fumble for a pen and something to write on.

Contrast that to the experience you’d have doing business with a company using the caller assist capabilities made possible by 2014 Avaya Innovation Award winner Webtext.

A text-enabled call center agent using any one of Avaya’s industry-leading contact center solutions simply sends that important information to your SMS text-enabled device. Cellphone, tablet, Google Voice address, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, now there is a convenient way to get the information you need when you need it. No pen required.

Think of how this capability will improve your interactions. Before you hang up the call, the information has arrived. With no action on your part, you’ve got what you need. You can devote your full attention to getting to where you need to be safely.

Information sent may include web links that when clicked automatically bring up your smartphone’s satellite navigation application. Maybe it’s the correct spelling of the name of a trendy new restaurant that the agent told you about. Perhaps it’s updates to your itinerary. All kinds of information not easily transferred by voice will arrive directly to your SMS-capable device.

Should you have questions later, you simply reply to the text message. Your request is routed back into the call center workflow and an SMS-capable agent can respond. This new capabilIty made possible by Webtext and Avaya Aura® is a game-changer for customer service.

SMS is not just for teenagers. Text messaging has true business benefits. Best of all, almost everyone can use it immediately. You don’t have to have a smartphone. Most mobile plans have generous, even unlimited, text messaging quotas. There’s no need to download an application. Your phone is always up-to-date, with no aggravating requests to check application permissions or perform other administration. It just works.

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