[Case Study] Avaya Networking Products in Education

Long gone are the days where the only learning devices in the classroom were paper, books, pencils and chalk. Kids are technologically savvy at earlier ages. This was never more evident to me than when a 3-year-old child picked up my iPhone, unlocked it, navigated to my games, and began to play Candy Crush (better than me, I may add).

Today’s school districts are challenged with the mainstreaming of mobile device use by younger and younger kids and the digitization of classrooms. Often, district networks need the capacity to support two or three devices per student.

In addition, administrators and teachers have specific technological needs to consider. As these devices and technologies have become more pervasive, Pearland Independent School District, a private school system in Texas, and Jefferson County Schools in Kentucky have ramped up their infrastructures to accommodate the future of learning.

Jefferson County Schools looked to Avaya to empower a secure, reliable and powerful network for 100,000 students led by 15,000 staff members in 175 different facilities. That’s a lot of devices! Avaya Fabric Connect was the choice for Jefferson County Schools because of its long-term value, large bandwidth and virtualized platform.

Pearland ISD needed a streamlined virtual network for more than 20,000 students and 2,500 staff members at 24 separate campuses. They turned to Avaya’s Virtual Service Platform to upgrade their core- and edge-switching infrastructure. Avaya’s Identity Engines brought secure and authenticated BYOD technology into the campuses for use by students, teachers, administrators and guests.

Avaya is happy to be at the forefront of empowering educators with technology to raise the next generation of leaders, and IT departments in the education sector have taken note.

“All of these operational improvements revolve around pushing our curriculum delivery well into the 21st century, doing more and more things online,” said Greg Bartay, Director of Technology at Pearland ISD. “For us, it’s an evolutionary process in which we encourage the educators to tell us what they need and how we can support them… It’s a give-and-take approach that holds tremendous potential for the future.”

Click here to read the Jefferson County Schools case study.

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