Are Your Agents Driving the Best Results for Your Contact Center?

Are your agents driving the best results for your contact center? An interesting question perhaps! But here’s a thought: Engaged agents equal happy customers, and happy customers mean good business. Not a complicated idea. But possibly a challenging one for many contact centers.

It’s a Juggling Act

Why? Because contact centers traditionally look to optimize the needs of the customer with those of the business. It’s a tricky balancing act, a constant struggle to meet increasing customer expectations against the need to stay cost competitive in a hyper-competitive world.

This balancing act is critical. But it’s not enough. Extensive research shows that unless you also focus on improving employee satisfaction and staff retention – elements of employee engagement – in the contact center, you will struggle to meet your other objectives. Improving employee satisfaction and ensuring agents are engaged are essential to securing happy customers and delivering good business results.

Start with the Agent

Easier said than done, I agree. But here are a few ideas to help improve agent morale, capabilities and motivations:

  • Provide proactive and regular coaching sessions with timely, accurate and relevant contextual key performance indicators (KPIs), call evaluations, and preparatory learning
  • Undertake regular assessments and evaluator calibration to fairly measure agent performance
  • Provide opportunities to identify competency gaps and receive role-appropriate training, delivering the skills required to create knowledge workers
  • Provide tools and self-service options for agents to monitor and manage their own performance, e.g. manage their requests for holidays, time off, and schedule preferences

A Unified Workforce Optimization Solution Can Help

An integrated and unified WFO solution is great for agents. It helps enable contact centers to refashion cumbersome processes, freeing frontline management to pursue high-payoff activities involving root cause analysis and one-to-one coaching.

It helps ensure they are fairly treated, development issues are spotted early, and coaching and eLearning are delivered in a targeted and timely way to empower, motivate and please agents. A unified solution, coupled with streamlined processes, can help transform a contact center culture from a tactically-focused cost center into a strategic operation in which employees are knowledgeable, motivated and understand what is expected, how they are doing, and how to improve their performance to achieve specific business goals. Do this and everyone wins – the agent, the company and its customers.

Which brings me back to my first thought: Engaged agents equal happy customers and happy customers, in turn, equal good business – not a bad thought, eh!

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