Why Today's Avaya Collaboration Pod News is a Big Deal

Have you ever used a Swiss Army Knife?

It’s full of everything you could conceivably need in a pocket-sized tool: knives, files, a magnifying glass and even a toothpick and corkscrew. It’s pretty useful, but you still have to pull out the specific piece for the corresponding function.

What if that Swiss Army Knife retained all its functionality, while being as easy to use as a spoon?

Take that concept and apply it to turnkey cloud-based enterprise solutions, and you have the Avaya Collaboration Pod.

UCaaS and CCaas Right Out of the Box

Avaya today announced two new Collaboration Pod models specifically for Cloud Service Providers, enabling them to offer Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) to end customers. These virtualized products come set up right out of the box and customized to the customer’s specific needs, simplifying the Data Center environment through integrated management and support.

This streamlining has been shown to decrease Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over 5 years by more than 50%, with increased IT efficiency  due to Avaya Fabric Connect capabilities.

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A standards-based network virtualization technology, Fabric Connect improves the network performance of real-time applications and provides simplified virtual machine mobility, greater agility and faster time to service via end point provisioning.

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

“The ability to turn up applications at breakneck speed in a way that reduces complexity and cost is a competitive differentiator to us and to our customers, said David Raftery, a managing partner with Integration Partners. “We see the Avaya Collaboration Pod as a fundamentally unique path to achieve the technical and financial benefits of cloud based applications.”

For enterprises, advanced Customer Experience Management functionality has been added to the existing Collaboration Pod model, enabling a broader range of Avaya virtualized applications for deployment.

The model can now support multichannel interactions through Avaya Elite Multichannel, self-service via the Avaya Experience Portal and management through the Avaya Call Management System, in addition to its full Unified Communications capabilities.

Cloud Service Providers Connex and ROI Networks will be utilizing the Avaya Collaboration Pod as part of their UCaaS offers for their customers.

“The Avaya Collaboration Pod enables us to offer powerful unified communications and video solutions to our customers regardless of whether they are looking for premise-based or cloud- based or any permutation in between,” said Jeff Heibert, CEO of ROI Networks. “The integrated full stack, ready-to-deploy solution provides us with a platform that is easier to manage, provision, support and troubleshoot.”

All Collaboration Pod components receive integrated support, simplifying software upgrades and eliminating the need for support coverage from multiple vendors and reduce the time to deploy virtualized real-time applications from months to weeks.

Flexible, Scalable, and Coming Soon

A key value of the Collaboration Pod is in its flexibility.

Unlike some of the rigid, fixed configuration systems that exist in the market today,  the infrastructure components are scalable based on what applications the customer selects to deploy and how many users they are supporting on the system.

“We understand that companies want to take advantage of advanced communications capabilities but may not have the resources or desire to manage the operation,” said Sayan Navaratna, CEO of Connex. “The Connex Cloud enables us to offer our customers multiple delivery options as part of a managed service, including per user/per month, cloud-based UC service.”

The new Avaya Collaboration Pods will be generally available in the third calendar quarter.

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