Why It Only Takes One Bad Brand Interaction to Scare Off 90 Percent of Customers

How do you provide great e-commerce service? There is no simple answer, and the proposition becomes more complex with each passing year.

Because trends in online shopping and customer service technology are always on the move, today’s business leaders are constantly faced with new challenges when it comes to evaluating, revising and executing their support strategies.

This article originally appeared on the LiveLOOK blog, and is reprinted with permission.

While traditional channels of communication such as contact centers are still at the forefront of most support operations, disruptive software solutions prevent these teams from relying on the same technology for any reasonable period of time.

Staying in the loop on new services and implementing the right solutions can be a full-time job for customer service strategists.

The customer is still always right
As if decision-makers were not pressured enough by the ever-evolving IT landscape and the urgency to retain a competitive advantage, consumer expectations for e-commerce service are greater than ever.

In Business 2 Community​, Sven-Olof Husmark​, the vice president of marketing and product management at Qmatic Group, described the firm’s research that showed the severe consequences of an inadequate service strategy.

According to the Qmatic study, it only takes one bad brand interaction to send 90 percent of customers off to another company, which emphasizes the importance of support that is both consistent and high-quality. Research showed that 86 percent consumers are willing to spend more to get a better experience, so brands would be wise to invest in this area to gain an edge.

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Decision-makers know that they need to bolster the quality of their e-commerce service, but in light of this fast-paced, high-stakes environment, how can they find a solid foothold and deliver a consistently exceptional customer experience?

While it may seem natural to overhaul company call centers and start from scratch with new solutions, it may be more beneficial for brands to return to the roots of great customer service and focus on squeezing the most out of their current live help technology with best practices.

Focus on the fundamentals
While live help technology and call center tools are subject to change unexpectedly, business leaders can find comfort among the chaos by locking down the timeless components of a great customer experience.

According to Direct Marketing News Editor-in-Chief Ginger Conlon, a talk given by Lior Arussy, president of Strativity Group, emphasized the importance of a zero-tolerance policy with regard to poor customer service.

Arussy explained that decision-makers must adopt the view that there is no middle ground when it comes to delivering a quality interactive journey – the experience is either excellent or substandard. With this stringent perspective in mind, here are 10 key components that Arussy laid out to guide business leaders in developing a top-notch user experience.

  1. Lay down the reasons why customer experience is so important for the brand.
  2. Articulate a vision of what the ideal interactive journey will look like from start to finish.
  3. Explain, train and develop the skill sets necessary to get every representative on board.
  4. Fold customer experience initiatives in with others such as engagement and leadership.
  5. Create key performance indicators and metrics to provide regular, tangible feedback.
  6. Break down departmental silos to aggregate consumer information from a wealth of resources.
  7. Draw a direct correlation between customer experience and the overall success of the business.
  8. Ensure the involvement of C-suite executives and encourage them to lead by example.
  9. Emphasize the exceptional treatment of consumers over salesmanship and product promotion.
  10. Place equal responsibility on every employee to cultivate accountability and enthusiasm.

To craft a customer experience that will put their brand above the rest, decision-makers must combine powerful e-commerce support technology with a company-wide commitment to great service.

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