Stop Wasting Your Time on Hold and Use Webtext with Avaya Aura

You know that feeling.

It hits you when you hear, “We are experiencing exceptionally heavy call volumes … your call will be answered in …”

We’re trapped. There are a dozen other things we could be doing.

We try to multitask, but just as we turn to more productive thoughts the voice returns.

Our consciousness flashes back only to realize … “Wait, what did she say? Did I miss an important instruction that could have transported me from this telephonic purgatory?”

What if we were offered a better choice?

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What if our parole from telephone jail was issued and we could immediately move to a familiar and ubiquitous option allowing us to communicate with an agent right away?

Webtext with Avaya Aura to the Rescue

The answer comes in a new technology from Webtext, the 2014 Avaya Innovation Award winner.

Webtext Call Directed to Text™ (CDTT) allows Avaya customers who use Avaya Aura® Contact Center, Call Center Elite Multichannel and other Avaya customer service platforms to offer their customers the option to interact directly with an agent using SMS text messaging.

So often, all we need is a simple answer to one of a number of simple questions: “What time do you close?” “What is my reservation number?” “Where is the nearest authorised repair center?”

These are exactly the kind of questions that are best answered in text.

Think back to when our customer service journey started: Imagine if instead of the usual ordeal we were offered, “We are experiencing exceptionally heavy call volumes. If you’d like to interact immediately with an agent using SMS text messaging, say or press ‘one.’”

Try this Instead

What if almost instantly after opting-in, a text message was automatically delivered to your device? What if you could respond and be served immediately?

Then you urgent question is answered quickly and you’ve got the information you needed. Your valuable time should be respected, and you feel that your business is truly important.

Of course, for some issues, an actual conversation is required. Sometimes something that starts off seemingly simple requires more support.

In that case, the voice option always remains. A texting session can be escalated to the voice channel as simply as sending back a short phrase such as, “Speak to an Agent.”

We might ask, “If no one is available to take my call, how can I be served faster using text?”

The answer is that a voice call is a one-to-one experience. A call center agent can only speak effectively to one person at a time.

Text is different – on average, text-enabled agents can handle as many as eight times the number of text interactions as voice calls in the same period.

This means benefits to you, greater efficiency and lower costs for the business. Wins all around.

Now let’s stop talking and get texting using Webtext Call Direct to Text!

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