Live Help Tech: Less Obstacles; Better Continuity

Customer service strategists are confronted with a digital dilemma.

While consumers consistently demand more personalized support experiences, they also prefer to minimize their interactions with service representatives in hopes of getting answers fast. This means that brands must optimize their live help technology strategies to deliver support that satisfies customers’ need for speed while accommodating heightened expectations for tailored service and effective call resolution.

Business leaders have their work cut out for them, but how do customers feel about the brand experiences they have on a regular basis?

According to a recent article from The Qatar Peninsula, things could be a lot better in the eyes of many consumers.

Customers dissatisfied across industries

Throughout the capital city of Doha, customer satisfaction is at a low as service representatives struggle to keep up by patrons constantly raising the bar of expectations in a range of industries.

In the sectors of health care, hospitality and financial services, consumers are unhappy with the quality of customer service.

The source pointed to a lack of personal attention and general unfriendliness as the two most commonly cited problems.

Reps across fields are encountering roadblocks as they attempt to consolidate knowledge bases and search for a way to quickly access relevant customer information without unreasonably lengthening interactions, while a lack of call center training has many staff members unprepared to get the most out of customer service tools.

“Customer service expectations are higher than ever before, and people no longer have the time, patience or desire to have in-person interaction to get support,” a senior public relations professional told the news source. “Customers expect us to have everything on our fingertips, which is impossible. But we always do our best to serve them. They shout at us, but we can’t say a word against them. If a complaint is made against us, the company always takes the customer’s side.”

Mobile adds another layer of frustration

Today’s consumers expect flawless service in stores and e-commerce support not only when they shop online: Mobile shopping has exploded in the past months, representing the next frontier of customer service technology that brands will have to master in order to remain competitive.

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Billing World profiled the rise of mobile commerce and the pressure brands are feeling to step up and deliver quality support for what will continue to be a critical platform for years to come.

The source pointed to a survey conducted by Contact Solutions which found that customers have expressed dissatisfaction in mobile support in particular, suggesting that brands will have to emphasize the use of live support software in this area.

“The data in this survey doesn’t lie – consumers are fundamentally unhappy with the state of customer service, especially when it comes to their mobile service interactions,” Contact Solutions CEO Michael Boustridge said, according to the news source. “The first line of defense against customer complaints is your contact center, and to start meeting the needs of customers, companies must develop a strategy that effectively meets the needs of consumers while also providing them with a positive, interactive engagement with the brand.”

The survey revealed two primary concerns shared by mobile users regarding their user experience.

First, consumers are not confident that their problems can actually be solved on the go – too many have encountered obstacles that require them to pursue more traditional routes of support. Second, many mobile channels reportedly lacked continuity, preventing consumers from switching their method of communication on the fly.

Customer service technology must facilitate a seamlessly integrated experience if a brand is to capture and keep an audience.

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This article originally appeared on the LiveLOOK blog, and is reprinted with permission.

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