Avaya Diagnostic Server Delivers Unprecedented Network Visibility

Have you ever worked on a trouble ticket from a contact center agent reporting poor audio quality and you can’t seem to pinpoint the root cause?

Is it a telecom issue? Is it a networking issue? Is it the service from your provider? Your end users are unhappy and the issue has been escalated to a senior executive.

Does any of this sound familiar?

In today’s fast paced environment, losing time to network problems or performance issues can lead to lower IT productivity and end user dissatisfaction.

To provide business continuity, IT organizations need sophisticated diagnostic tools to help pinpoint the root cause of problems. However, diagnostic tools often include complex and costly third party equipment and software, costly onsite troubleshooting, and support from separate IT departments that prevent organizations from quickly resolving network issues.

In comparison to non-network related issues, most network related issues take longer to resolve and are more likely to become a major severity.

Remote, fast and simple issue resolution is possible thanks to Avaya Diagnostic Server with SLA Mon™ technology.

As the evolution of Avaya’s trusted Secure Access Link (SAL) Gateway, Avaya Diagnostic Server goes beyond secure remote access and alarming to provide your organization with sophisticated remote IP Phone diagnostics and unprecedented network visibility.

Using patented technologies which include smart agents embedded in Avaya products, Avaya Diagnostic Server provides historical network analysis to solve network issues faster than ever before which can lead to fewer escalations, and finger pointing within an IT department.

Issues can be resolved from a local interface without setting up costly, complex equipment, while potential problems can be prevented by gaining visibility into network history and optimizing network performance.

A free tool included in the Avaya Support Advantage Preferred option, Avaya Diagnostic Server enables you to work in parallel with Avaya support via customer controlled tools providing secure remote access, advanced endpoint diagnostics and network monitoring at no additional licensing cost.

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