[Infographic] Which Avaya Product Are You?

Most people need more than a GPS to navigate through IT product descriptions. They’re often labyrinths of jargon, abbreviations and, of course, dreaded acronyms (…and “BRB” isn’t usually one of them).

But when you look at products like you look at people–complex, multi-faceted, with a specific skillset–it becomes easier to maneuver through the maze. While you’ve probably looked at Avaya product descriptions to determine which best fit your needs, have you ever thought about which you’re most like?

Out of one-X® Communicator, Avaya Scopia® and Avaya Aura® Conferencing, which product matches your personality? Take this lighthearted flowchart-style quiz to find out. You might even learn a little something about the products, too… no GPS required.