Equipping Reps for Call Resolution

Social media support and self-service options are on the rise, but companies shouldn’t unplug their phone systems just yet.

Today’s consumers expect an exceptional user experience as brands continue to raise the bar for e-commerce service through their online channels.

Still, the contact center remains a vital component in any complete support strategy.

According to BusinessNewsDaily, a Five9 study revealed that 70 percent of American consumers will contact businesses via phone as their primary method of communication.

The right tools for the job
Contact centers are still going strong, but customers today have higher standards for what they consider to be good support over the phone.

Managers can hire the world’s most talented, experienced representatives but still struggle to deliver quality support if they lack adequate customer service technology.

In an age where a great deal of shopping is done online without the help of live agents, contact centers are often the first interactive touch point consumers will have with a brand, making it all the more important to ensure customer satisfaction.

In addition to heightened consumer demands, the stakes have also been raised for e-commerce service, thanks to the widespread use of social media and anonymous review sites.

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BusinessNewsDaily pointed out that dissatisfied customers between the ages of 18 and 34 are likely to air out their grievances online, sharing with their networks harsh words that can leave a bad mark on a brand’s reputation. Despite the potentially negative implications of these social activities, the source explained that live call handling is the defining feature of a company’s service.

“Ultimately, it is the contact center agents who have the biggest impact on the customer’s experience,” said Rich Guth, vice president of marketing at Transera, according to the news source. “Contact centers should encourage their agents to deliver a personalized and optimized customer experience. A focus on quality always delivers more rewarding relationships than quantity.”

Mixing the old with the new
To make a lasting impression on customers in the digital era, companies must provide their representatives with more than just a phone.

Contact centers that maximize first call resolution integrate the use of consumer information, extensive knowledge bases and additional services such as co-browsing to guide consumers through online portals.

Managers can also increase productivity by segmenting their staff into specialized roles, allowing them to develop more specific expertise and receive calls that pertain to their niche.

According to BusinessNewsDaily, collecting and organizing relevant customer data is essential in offering an advanced level of service.

“Contact centers collect tons of data from their customers,” Guth said, as reported by the source. “It starts from the time a customer picks up the phone, but information gets scattered throughout the conversation and stored in a disparate system. Together, this data forms historical performances and real-time context to make better, data-driven decisions. These decisions are backed up with months’ and years’ worth of detailed data, not just high-level summaries or snapshots of specific time periods.”

Beware of omni-channel pitfalls
The intersection of applications and information is the new standard in customer service. However, companies must be cautious not to get carried away with implementing more channels than they can effectively manage, Examiner.com recently noted.

Live help technology must be used sparingly to be most effective, and representatives need to have a firm grasp on each channel if customers are to get the best experience possible.

In addition to training agents properly, decision-makers should build their contact center strategies piece by piece rather than layering an overwhelming number of services that will create more problems than they solve.

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This article originally appeared on the LiveLOOK blog, and is reprinted with permission.

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