Don't Leave Your Customer Service Reps Hanging – Train Them to Master Live Help Technology

Some customer service representatives are better than others.

For every “Smiling Sam” there’s a “Debbie Downer,” and businesses play a big role in not just weeding out the bad eggs but maximizing the potential of talented new hires. One support is providing them with training resources that will familiarize them with live help technology.

Education becomes even more vital as consumer tech products increase in both number and complexity.

According to The Huffington Post, a recent Accenture study revealed that 46 percent of executives at large companies believed that skills gaps were a problem for their operations.

Decision-makers cannot let customer service training fall by the wayside.

This article originally appeared on the LiveLOOK blog, and is reprinted with permission.

More gadgets require more support

Maintaining an arsenal of personal electronic devices was once the more in the sphere of business elites and tech junkies. It’s now common for an average Joe to have a small collection of gadgets on their person at all times, not counting whatever devices clutter the counters and drawers at home.

Weichselbaum cited NPD Group’s Connected Intelligence Report which revealed that the typical United States household contains an average of 5.7 Internet connected devices. As consumers juggle smartphones, tablets, laptops and e-readers, things can become overwhelming when they seek effective support from tech brands.

With an average of 5.7 Internet connected devices and constant “refreshes” to models and software, businesses must have an effective way of keeping service agents on the ball.

The problem of tech overload is further complicated by the growing phenomenon of the Internet of Things (IoT), as interconnected devices coordinate elements of an individual’s personal and work life in a cohesive environment. This adds a new layer to the responsibilities of the average agent.

Not only is ecommerce service tasked with addressing the concerns brought up with isolated products, but consumers expect extra assistance as they link up multiple devices and customize the functionality of their personal IoT ecosystem.

In other words, the typical support role is growing to be a more technical position by the day, requiring businesses to seek and train the best representatives they can find to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Meeting customer expectations

Leading a cutting-edge call center in the digital era poses a diverse set of challenges for decision-makers, especially as representatives’ knowledge begins to play a bigger role in strategy. Consumers need inquiries answered promptly, and companies risk losing a potential purchaser if they can’t deliver results quickly enough.

Live help technology can assist in speeding up resolutions, but agents must rely on their own expertise to act when dealt the most difficult troubleshooting problems. To help business leaders get the most out of their customer support centers, Weichselbaum ran down some key points to keep in mind when refocusing team goals:

  • View service calls as a good thing. Rather than fearing service calls and hoping customers will be able figure things out on their own, executives should be glad that consumers are taking advantage of a service that takes time and resources to keep up. Expenses can add up quickly if training measures are factored into the cost of an up-to-date call center, so Weichselbaum reinforced that these investments pay off when customers truly benefit and stick with a brand as a result.
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  • Provide rich knowledge bases. Most service representatives will be able to navigate through any standard service scenario, but Weichselbaum emphasized the ability for brands to go above and beyond the typical call center expectations. Equipping staff with plenty of educational resources and training sessions can be the factor that separates a firm from its rivals.
  • Break/fix support is not enough. Tech services are already notoriously complex, so companies can benefit from proactively sending update tutorials on common issues and check in now and again to see where problems might persist. Taking action can build a powerful and unique reputation for great ecommerce service.
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