5 Tips to Hiring and Retaining Employees with Customer Satisfaction in Mind

When businesses look for customer service reps to fill their support positions, it can be difficult to gauge whether a candidate is prepared for the role.

Decision-makers who strategically craft their hiring processes and requirements are better suited for success, according to a recent Training Magazine article by Merry Gagg, a training account manager at Signature Worldwide.

Gagg explained that hiring practices should not be a guessing game, suggesting a set of questions that managers should ask themselves before diving into a stack of resumes or setting up interviews:

  1. What is a typical customer like? Locking down an idea of the average individual seeking support from a brand is key for creating effective hiring methods. Decision-makers with a clear vision of their target audience will have a much easier time in their search for compatible service staff and reaching high levels of customer satisfaction.
  2. How should customers be treated? Team leaders should visualize how they’d like their ideal service interaction to occur, and try to assess whether a potential candidate would be able to fulfill that vision. Traits such as patience, vocal articulation and professionalism are all key things to look for. Consumers remember their interactions with brands, and it is important to always make the best impression possible.
  3. How do the best current reps perform? An easy way to screen candidates is to compare applicants with current members of the ecommerce support staff. Managers can reference the attitudes and behaviors of their high-performing staff in their search for new employees to increase their chances of finding the right fit.
  4. Is there a pressing need to fill the spot? When support teams are under pressure to fill a position, leaders may find their judgment clouded when it comes to making the best possible choices. No employee should ever be hired out of desperation, and it may be better to leave a spot open than to bring in an unqualified employee.
  5. Are training resources ready to go? Although service reps often have an intuitive sense of how to handle customer inquiries, training programs must be in place to ensure best practices are followed and employees are acclimated to their new working environments. This is key to keeping morale high and making a good impression on callers.

This article originally appeared on the LiveLOOK blog, and is reprinted with permission.

Keeping the best of the best
While the best consumer-facing employees often have natural talent for handling difficult situations and finding the right answer for any problem thrown their way, there is no substitute for experience when it comes to ecommerce support.

Workers who constantly interact with consumers develop a thick skin through all of their ups and downs as a service representative, making veteran team members an invaluable part of any good support squad.

This is why business must do their best to retain their employees and keep them engaged on the job, according to an article from This Day Live. The source highlighted the importance of retention by quoting HR thought leader Robin Throckmorton, who said that 80 percent of employees are actively looking for their next job.

“It is critical you start creating retention solutions that work in your organization now! Don’t wait until you lose that first key employee,” Throckmorton said. “Once you know what employees want, start implementing some of the solutions they shared to help retain your workers.

“Whether you call the survey an employee opinion, engagement, satisfaction or climate survey, the key is you want to find out information from your employees about how they feel about your company, supervisors, work conditions, job and even intentions for staying.”

Listening to employee feedback is undoubtedly a core component of any successful business strategy, and can have a big impact on customer satisfaction. Decision-makers should never overlook the voice of their workforce if they want to create the best possible support experience.

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