4 Business Takeaways from the Day the Government Takes Your Money Away

There’s an event for many Americans that leads to more procrastination than a dentist or proctology visit. It’s April 15th, Tax Day.

I’ve been using a same tax preparation software vendor for many years, switching from their desktop software to their cloud version, and have been pretty happy with it.

Thankfully, I got my tax filed online on the evening of April 14th and was able to observe the lunar eclipse!

Obviously, preparing and filing taxes is not the most pleasant of experiences for many, but my tax vendor has been able to make the experience efficient after all these years.

Some of these customer experience lessons apply to the “seasonal” software business.

Proactively reaching out to your customers – before the season
I received notifications as filing season approached that the software would go live with the new forms and rules, with quick reminders on the type of records I would need to collect.

Not that anyone wants to be reminded about taxes, it is a practical way to make sure your customers stay loyal.

Responsive speed of application delivery
As I moved from the desktop version to the cloud version, two things determine the responsiveness of the applications: my internet connection, and their data center performance.

As the tax deadline approaches, the ability of their data center to scale becomes critical to maintain the experience.

Companies should always make sure there is plenty of bandwidth to support seasonal loads.

Availability of real-time assistance during the process via multiple channels
As I was entering information into the software, there was a dialog box reminding me that I could web chat or call to their contact center for assistance.

The ability to get live help while the customer is online creates a good customer experience – especially in stressful subjects.

All businesses should think about the person to person experience while the customer is online.

Communicate and messaging by channel preferred by customer
When I complete the tax forms and opt for E-Filing, I’m given the option to monitor the filing status by Email and text message. This is attractive since I could be notified quickly pending a problem with the tax form and correct any issues immediately.

The ability for any business to offer multiple notification options (Email, text message, social media, etc.) is critical to great customer service given the wide array of devices we use in different settings.

With another year of tax season under my belt, it’s time to start my new file for the 2014 tax season.

I hope everyone got their tax filings in on time.

Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate next year!

Last month, I spoke at an Enterprise Connect-sponsored webcast, “Deliver Legendary Customer Experiences One Interaction at a Time” where I discussed some of the technologies highlighted above. I invite you to watch it here.

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