Why Tablets Should Be Part of Your Customer Service Strategy

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Consumers in the digital age want it all. Not only do they expect brands to provide the traditional service platforms of call answering and email, but they also demand new forms of live help technology around the clock to meet their support needs.

This means that brands must remain acutely aware of consumer trends as they strategize ways to approach service and maximize customer satisfaction.

In addition to this heightened demand for a diverse array of customer service channels, brands must also offer support across a variety of platforms. While smartphones still act as the primary force of the mobile device movement, tablets are not to be underestimated when it comes to individuals seeking support.

Ultimately, brands will need to optimize their channels of communication in each of these capacities, but tablets represent a particularly important niche in developing a well-rounded customer experience.

Tablets grow in popularity

There is no doubt that tablets have shed their status as a novelty toy and established themselves as a fully functional platform capable of utilizing a range of personal and business applications at an impressive level of performance.

This means that consumers have embraced the technology for a variety of reasons, using their tablets in their homes, on the road and in the office. According to a recent article from The Guardian, Adobe research revealed that rates of tablet ownership have increased 282 percent over the past two years as desktop adoption continues to decline.

This article originally appeared on the LiveLOOK blog, and is reprinted with permission.

Tablets are much more than smartphones with bigger screens–the Guardian explained that the platform offers brands the opportunity to engage their customers to a much greater extent thanks to enhanced processing power and Internet connectivity.

Since the Adobe research noted that 33 percent of tablet owners use their devices to shop online, it is all the more crucial that companies take advantage of this opportunity to lock down their customer service strategies in a way that optimizes the experience for tablets as well as smartphones and desktops.

We’ve seen Amazon do a fantastic job of this with the “Mayday” button on their own tablet device, the Kindle. The mayday experience of fast, instant, in-channel live help is the goal companies should be striving towards now; especially the visual collaboration aspect, which is where co-browsing technology fits in.

Ensuring consistency across platforms

Since customers expect a cohesive service experience as they transition from one platform to the next, brands need to make sure that tablet channels do not lag behind the rest with regard to performance.

Having a truly multichannel support strategy means that no service tool can be left behind, and tablets should be made top priority for brands lacking functionality in this respect.

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