Webinar: Learn Best Practices Around IP Video Surveillance

Surveillance has come a long way from people in binoculars monitoring from the high ground to the first generation of analog cameras connected to video tape recorders in the 1970s.

Today’s video surveillance technology allows companies to effectively deploy, monitor and manage video streams from multiple locations. This creates complexity in the design of the network carrying the data, sometimes creating video lapses and loss of quality.

In the casino industry, “the eye in the sky” ensures guest safety while monitoring activities in the gaming area. For hotels, it is important to maintain a sense of security to spot unusual activities and prevent incidents. In the transportation and government sectors, video surveillance has been a key contributor to ensuring public safety and studying traffic flow.

IP Video Surveillance Deployment: How We Did It

Please join us on March 6 at 10 a.m. Pacific (1 p.m. Eastern), where we will feature deployment case studies from gaming, government and transportation industries with Avaya’s Director of Network Architecture, Darren Giacomini. Guest speakers will include:

  • Jeff Izquierdo and Charles Lipscomb, Department of Roads and Airports, County of Santa Clara
  • Jonathan Fisher, Gaming Industry Technology Consultant, NextStep Technology Solutions
  • John Runta, Network Planning & Support, New Jersey Transit

Learn how these customers support thousands of video streams concurrently with no video loss and through a new way of networking, make it simpler to deploy IP video surveillance.

Attend the event through the registration page or click on the image above.

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