Enterprise Connect: To Do UC Right, Plan for Constant Change

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On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of participating on the panel for Marty Parker’s session at Enterprise Connect “UC Options: the Many Ways to Do UC?”   After each of the vendors had an opportunity to discuss the value they deliver and the choices they provide, Marty asked the panelists to take 30 seconds to provide advice to the audience at hand.

My advice … plan for change.

I’ve always believed that UC is about bringing the right people together at the right time to drive better and faster decisions, to accelerate workflow, and to remove latency from business processes. All vendors will be able to show sexy capabilities that support these efforts. Clearly, there is a need to find a solution that addresses the business requirement, but how do you know that you’ve identified what that is?

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As an enterprise applies UC solutions more deeply and more broadly to their business, they will discover new or iterative use case needs driven by both functional and technical requirements. The enterprise will always be in pursuit of better customer experience:  what is considered customer excellence today will become the base line tomorrow. Customers and employees are constantly becoming smarter, more mobile, more social, and more empowered.

When considering technology, the enterprise needs to evolve from their current asset inventory of infrastructure and applications to whatever will address the current business requirement.  Then, they will have to evolve to the future for whatever that entails.  In recent years we’ve been dealing with the commercialization of IT, BYOD, and who could have imagined the impact that the iPad would have on our business?  What does WebRTC hold for the future of UC?

Given that we are in a state of constant change, no one can afford to go through a rip and replace scenario at each stage of change.  Likewise, maintaining a siloed approach to bringing new capability to the enterprise, it’s users, and its customers is untenable.

When considering a UC solution, look for an enterprise grade platform that is architected to have the agility and extensibility to evolve as the business does, and look for services to help you plan, implement, and manage your solution over the short and long term.

Plan for change.

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