Enterprise Connect 2014 Preview: What to Expect from Avaya in Customer Experience Management

FLETCH: Hey. It’s Fletch with the Avaya Podcast Network and welcome to TechTalk. We’re talking with Lindsay Parker, who is the Senior Director for Enterprise Segment Marketing at Avaya. Welcome to the podcast, Lindsay.

LINDSAY: Hey, Mark. Hello.

FLETCH: How are you?

LINDSAY: I’m doing great. How about you?

FLETCH: Good. We do a lot of stuff in the Contact Center space and I’ve heard a lot about CEM. What’s the Customer Experience Management piece?

LINDSAY: Well, Customer Experience Management is part of the market that Avaya’s really carved out in terms of helping our customers provide a great customer experience for their customers.

Lindsay Parker, Avaya

So when we talk about our contacts and our offerings, we really frame it in that Customer Experience Management terminology, because at the end of the day great customer experience is what every contact center manager is striving to provide.

FLETCH: What do you think it is that Avaya does so right? Obviously, we’re a huge leader in the Contact Center Space. What do you think that we’re doing right and why people choose Avaya?

LINDSAY: They choose Avaya for a number of reasons. One is that we are able to provide some really terrific technologies and things like context-aware, proactive, and automated technologies that can easily customize our customers to help them anticipate in unique needs of their end users.

Also, we have a track record, we’re industry leaders. We have the largest market share in the Contact Center space in the world, and the reason that we do is because we help our customers provide great customer experiences at scale. We’re talking about some of the most demanding customer service providers in the world. So people choose us because we have a track record and because we have great technology.

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FLETCH: I think the contact center role is changing, right? They’re getting more involved with social media and you talked about the context-aware, proactive stuff. So I know when I fly every week, when I tweet @United, man, I’ll tell you I get a response back from them within minutes. That’s just smart marketing from a contact center level.

LINDSAY: Absolutely. United is one of the best in the business at keeping you informed. With flight delays, which seem to happen pretty frequently with this weather, that’s a good thing. And that’s exactly the type of experience that our technology is enabling our customers to provide to their end customers, whether they’re passengers on a plane, whether they’re shopping online or in a store across all industries.

That proactive outreach, that ability to anticipate your needs, that’s what our technologies are enabling our customers to provide in terms of that gold standard for service.

FLETCH: What about the Avaya Customer Experience research that we’re doing for 2014? What can you tell us about that?

LINDSAY: Well, we’re really excited about this research, because we historically have surveyed consumers to understand what their service expectations are when they interact with the contact center.

But this particular survey is exciting because we we are talking to consumers in 13 countries–over 8,000 of them. We also then talk to business leaders across the same 13 countries, and part of what we’ve been doing in analyzing that data is comparing consumer expectation with what businesses believe they can deliver.

So this is really exciting research as we look at it, and we’ll be sharing this survey data at Enterprise Connect and then also at the Enterprise Connect Webcast over the next couple of months.

But there are some really amazing insights around what I as a consumer expect, what I’m looking for when it comes to a great interaction with the company and some of limitations that businesses are facing as they try to meet those consumer expectations.

FLETCH: Yeah, I know. The Avaya Podcast Network is going to be at the Enterprise Connect on March 17th and we’re also going to be at the Avaya Technology Forum down in Orlando. What other events do we have tuned up here? Where’s Kevin speaking and the few other people?

LINDSAY: We have a lot going on at Enterprise Connect. We’re really excited about it.

Kevin is going to be doing the keynote on March 18th, talking about the new Avaya. Central to that conversation will be these Customer Experience capabilities that we’re launching. We’re also going to have a launch reception for some of our best and brightest customers, analysts and media to talk about the new capabilities we’re launching. We’re going to have an interactive mobile SMS messaging game scavenger hunt where we’ll showcase these technologies in the Avaya Aura Experience Portal Solutions by putting it into our customers’ and analysts’ hands.

So they’ll actually be using the technology as they go through the scavenger hunt. We’ll be showcasing these technologies at the expo and we’ll have live demonstrations and more in our Innovation lounge, where we’ll really talk about the exciting things that we’re doing around collaboration environment and the snap ends that support this truly seamless customer experience.

After Enterprise Connect, there’s even more going on. We’re doing a webinar where we’re partnering with the Enterprise Connect online team. The title of that webinar is “Deliver Legendary Customer Experiences One Interaction at a Time,” and Eric Krapf, who’s the co-chair at Enterprise Connect and the editor of No Jitter, will be hosting and facilitating the conversation.

Sheila McGee-Smith, the founder and principle analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics will be sharing what’s going on. What she’s seeing across contact centers, and the industry trends globally.

So, a lot of events teed up, a lot of exciting things happening as we really work to help our customers deliver legendary customer experiences one interaction at a time.

FLETCH: Yeah. Now I think we really picked up the pace as far as customer interactions and show appearances and stuff that we’re doing. We’re going to be in booth #1005 in Enterprise Connect. So what can the audience do as far as registration for some of this webcasting and where can they find more information?

LINDSAY: Well, they can register for the webcast by reading my blog on www.avaya.com/blogs or www.avaya.com for more information.

FLETCH: I really appreciate you sitting down with me again, Lindsay. I guess I’m going to see you down in Enterprise Connect and we’ll see you in Dallas at CONVERGE2014 too.

LINDSAY: Exactly. All kinds of exciting events coming up and I look forward to seeing you there, Mark.

FLETCH: Yeah. It’s what I call silly season, right? It just tradeshow after tradeshow after tradeshow.

LINDSAY: Exactly.

FLETCH: I think I’m on a plane for the next three months. But I’ll be tweeting about it.

LINDSAY: Exactly.

FLETCH: We’re sitting down with Lindsay Parker, the Senior Director for Enterprise Segment Marketing at Avaya, talking about the Customer Experience Management launch. Thanks for talking to us today.

LINDSAY: Thank you.

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