Don't Sweat Your Password, We've Got It Covered

“IT department, how can I help?”

“Hi, I forgot my password again.”

Sound familiar? With the growing number of disparate enterprise applications, users often find themselves juggling multiple passwords–some of which they invariably lose.

In fact, an HDI survey of 339 respondents estimated that 30% of tickets at company help desks were related to password resets. Being able to eliminate password resets would save money, and allow help desk staff to work on more critical issues.

The newest release of the Avaya Identity Engines portfolio (a finalist for this year’s Best of Interop award in the security category) offers a simple and eloquent way to banish those annoying help desk calls from your organization forever!

Identity Engines Release 9.0 introduces Unified Network and Application Access Control, simplifying IT operations and providing the control needed to enforce security in our consumerized IT era.

Today’s enterprise end users must deal with multiple user IDs and passwords, a situation that adds cost and complexity as well as potential security risks. How many users do you know who write down their passwords on notepads at their desk? Or don’t change their password after it’s been reset?

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Identity Engines Single-Sign-On (SSO) mitigates this by allowing network administrators to centrally manage access credentials. Users don’t need to remember a separate set of credentials for enterprise resources.

Instead, they get a single set of credentials that offers efficient, secure, and easy access to critical resources from any location.

Enterprise IT benefits from:

  • Simplified administration
  • Reduced support costs
  • Improved enterprise security
  • Greater user experience and productivity
  • Ability to achieve regulatory compliance

Single-Sign-On is a simple feature that can offer tremendous value for any organization. But let’s look a bit closer at Identity Engines and what else it can offer an organization.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, this is the second time (2012 and 2014) this solution has been nominated for a Best of Interop Finalist Award, so the Interop judges definitely view it as a compelling solution.

The Identity Engines portfolio is a powerful and flexible enterprise identity management system. It played an integral role in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, providing secure access for BYOD and other user devices, in what was essentially one of the largest BYOD/guest environments in the world.

It offers:

  • The ability for non-technical staff to provision guest access accounts in less than 10 seconds. (Note: I can personally account for this, having done this myself within this time frame. You know what they say, if the marketing person can do it… anyone can!)
  • Centralized authentication and authorization for wired, wireless, and VPN network devices as well as the applications running on them with a single, unified system.
  • Dynamic assignment of VLANs, and soon, virtualized networks based on user roles and profiles, as opposed to having to manually pre-assign switch ports.
  • Integration with standard-based directories

To learn more about this powerful offer check out our short three minute video on You Tube: or try it free for 30 days:

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