Q&A: Carousel Industries on How to use Big Data in your Contact Center

Nick Colintsis is Vice-President of engineering operations at Carousel Industries, one of Avaya’s leading partners (and its 2013 Customer Experience Management partner of the year), as well as lead of Carousel’s contact center practice. I spoke with him and Andrew Sherman, Carousel’s Senior Director of sales for the Pacific Southwest, at the Avaya Evolutions San Francisco show earlier this month.


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Contact center trends are huge with you guys. So, Nick, why don’t you tell us a little bit about some of the CC trends that you see.

Carousel: Absolutely. Thanks, Mark, for having us. First and foremost, I think analytics has been top in mind for a lot of our existing contact center customers. And then, of course, multimedia, social media, how do we tie that all together, and then, of course, bringing it back to the analytics piece.

What do you see as the key thing behind analytics? What are customers looking for?

Carousel: It’s really about bringing the data together from all modes of communications that customers are collecting. So, for example, from their call center, from their web chat, from their email communications with customers. They’re really looking for trends and looking for operational efficiencies in that, and then how to better serve their customers at the end of the day.

So what do you consider big data? We had a discussion at dinner last night about what big data actually is, what it means, how you look at it. What’s your definition of big data?

Carousel: You know, from my standpoint, big data is really what’s important and relevant for you to drive your business. So if that’s net promoter scores for your business, if it’s looking at a specific analytics and trends in revenue, it’s really what’s important to you, and then collecting that data, and then being able to take action upon that. And that’s where I think the challenge is that most organizations have. First, they’re collecting the data. They’re finding it, but then they’re having a challenge of what do we do with it and how do we put it all together and report on it, whether it’s speech analytics, email analytics, chat analytics. They’re grabbing all this customer data and information but they’re not making it relevant to themselves. It’s just a big collection of data and trying to parse through it. And sometimes it could take months just to go through or filter through the data for relevant information.

So it could be the amount of data or it could just be the multitude of resources that the data is coming from, not necessarily a huge amount of data but just from a bunch of different resources.

Carousel: Exactly.

That’s what we were focusing on over dinner last night. We had a lot of interesting things. So are your customers coming to Carousel for this specifically, or did you bring this to your customers?

Carousel: Primarily, some of that interaction had been our existing enterprise contact center customers have been bringing that to us, asking us how do they better get relevancy with their customers in looking at that data. But to our small, mid-size customers, though, we’ve been bringing that approach of big data, how can you mine the existing data you have in your small, mid-size business that you have. So it’s an interesting approach. Our enterprise customers have been driving for the big data and looking at those analytics and wanting to get deeper and wider with what they have, but really Carousel has been taking that a step further and driving it to the small and mid-size businesses.

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