6 Essential iPhone Tools for the Mobile Worker

Like many people, I find myself working less at my desk, instead juggling between work at home, the office, events, trade shows, vacations and other unusual locations. How many of you have done conference calls in hotel lobbies and coffee shops? Especially with global time zones, sometimes we have to transition from family gathers to a work-related meeting and back in the same night.

The laptop and tablet are all good, but sometimes you have to go smaller if you are invited to an event and can’t carry a bag. Your mobile phone (with just a few extra gadgets) can keep you connected to your office and meetings all day long, and let you go straight to dinner without worrying about what to do with your bag.

Here are the 6 essential tools I’ve come to rely on for smartphone-enabled mobile work:

6 Essential Smartphone Tools for the Mobile Worker

Above is my iPhone 5 with critical apps and accessories. This package fits easily in a coat pocket when I am on the go, whether it is a trade show floor or an evening out.

#6: Avaya One–X Communicator Mobile

The One-X app allows me to stay in touch with my work office phone number anywhere. When people call my office number, I simultaneously get the call on my iPhone 5. The app also gives me access to the corporate phone directory and voicemail on the go.

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#5: Avaya Web Collaboration Client Mobile

This full-featured conferencing app allows me to start and join Avaya Aura web conference calls, collaborate with people on desktop computers, view shared content, and participate in group chat.

#4: Avaya Scopia Mobile Client

With Scopia mobile video conferencing, I can share a live video stream using the iPhone’s front or back camera. This is especially useful when sharing what I am looking at. Having the video immersive experience on a mobile device can increase the productivity of meetings and avoid the dreaded phrase, “Let me tell you what I am looking at.”

In addition to collaboration apps, a few strategic pieces of equipment can be a lifesaver when you are mobile.

#3: iStabilizer Flex Smartphone Flexible Leg Tripod

This tripod is the perfect size to hold up the iPhone to take pictures, or to properly position the screen and front/rear cameras when you are using Avaya Scopia Mobile Client. It can also stabilize the camera when you are taking pictures of the business cards you collect at events. An additional bonus is that the clamp that holds the phone on top has compatible threading with a full-sized tripod.

#2: Gabba Goods #theSelfie Cable

Taking pictures with an iPhone during an event can be challenging, as you need both hands and dexterous fingers to operate the viewfinder and button. #Theselfie cable is an electronic version of the mechanical camera cord that allows you to hold the camera with one hand or in a tripod and take pictures with the other hand. Obviously marketed as a selfie-taking tool, I find it useful for taking pictures without vibration.

#1: Mophie Power Station

When your days are spent taking pictures and running conference calls, extra battery power will save you a lot of headaches. Personally, I prefer universal batteries because you can charge them separately from the device and you can help a friend if needed, as long as the cables are compatible.

Bonus: Don’t forget your favorite microphone headset (not pictured) to keep your voice conversations private.

I hope you found this useful in your day-to-day mobility needs. What tools and apps do you use with your smartphone? If you have any additional tips, please leave them in the comments below; I would love to hear about them.

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