(Updated Nov 2013) 123 Largest iPad Deployments by Enterprises and Schools

Back in the day when I blogged heavily about mobility, I maintained a list of the largest rollouts of iPads by schools and businesses. It showed up at lots of places, including Forbes, ZDNet, and elsewhere. 

After I joined Avaya, I passed it onto colleagues at my old company, hoping they would keep it up to date. They haven’t. Meanwhile, I keep getting requests from people asking for an updated version.

And when I read about how students in the Los Angeles Unified School District had hacked into their iPads, possibly threatening the future of the 640,000-student iPad rollout, I knew it was time to go home.

Here’s my updated list of the 123 largest iPad deployments to date. Notable new entries and increases in 2013 include:

No. 1, Chicago Public Schools. It’s 60,000 iPad deployment surpasses even the LA Public Schools. Thanks to Robert Residori of the Chicago school district for confirmation!

No. 2, AIA Insurance – Hong Kong insurance giant puts iPads into the hands of  every sales agent, and more.

No. 3, LA Unified School District – 44,000 iPads this year, 16x that total if they deploy district-wide as planned.

No. 11, Oxnard School District in California (17,000 iPads)

No. 13, our arch-rival Cisco Systems (up to 12,000 iPads, according to the IT manager in charge, Brett Belding)

No. 16, Raleigh County Public Schools (West Virginia, iPads for every student in 12,340-strong district)

No. 35, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (6,000 iPads)

No. 36, British Airways (5,600 iPads)

No. 38, Spring Lake Park Schools (5,000) – thanks to Elizabeth Nelsen at Spring Lake Park district

No. 44, Cablevision (4,000)

No. 45, Eden Prairie Public Schools (4,600 iPads) – thanks to Josh Swanson, executive director of technology at Eden Prairie

No. 80, Bellarmine College Prep High School in California (1,650)

No. 101 Johnston Public Schools (1,300) Thanks to D.R. Arthur, creator of the Cymbol app for iPad, for the tip

I’ve also been hearing rumors that the the New York Public Schools is up to 80,000 iPads. Can anyone confirm those numbers? That would put them at the VERY TOP of this list, ahead of Chicago and LA Public Schools. In the meantime…

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