The Results Are In: Avaya Beats Polycom in Desktop Video Conferencing Installation Time, Features

When was the last time you counted the number of clicks it took you to install and run a piece of software?

We’ve all been there. With every click, a new prompt appears, asking you to download and run the installer, choose a drive, select whether you want the standard or custom installation, register for the free trial, create a password, opt out of email marketing, check for an update, run a performance test and at the end of it all? Restart your computer.

Imagine now that you’re on the clock, trying to get into an important video conference that starts in the next 5 minutes. Clicking away at a furious pace, you have no idea when you’ll actually get into room.

That’s the experience every day for the people who download Polycom’s RealPresence for the first time.

We’ve known for a long time that our desktop and mobile video conferencing software, Scopia, beats RealPresence in performance, features and usability.

How much better is Scopia than the competition? We recently commissioned third-party testing lab The Tolly Group to run a first-time user simulation with Scopia, compared to the latest version of RealPresence. The results are in, and they’re decisive: Scopia’s installation process is 600 percent faster for first-time users.

Download the Tolly Report by clicking here:

Tolly engineers began with an identical setup: A new laptop running Windows 7, having received an Outlook invitation to join a video conference using Scopia or RealPresence.

The Scopia installation took 6 steps and the engineers were able to begin video conferencing in less than 60 seconds. The RealPresence installation took 50 steps and 7 minutes before they could join the meeting.


New Scopia users click on the link inside their meeting invitation, enter their name, click “participate,” they’re prompted to install the Scopia Desktop Install Manager, then the Conference Client. One additional mouse click and they’re video conferencing. Time? 60 seconds or less under optimal testing conditions.

Compare that to the RealPresence installation process: Tolly engineers had to first navigate to the RealPresence trial download page, fill in their registration information, agree to a EULA and download the application. Under optimal conditions, that’s 21 steps, completed in 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Next, they had to download and install Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4.0 and restart the Windows 7 operating system. That’s 13 steps in 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

Once the system booted up, they had to install the RealPresence Desktop client. That’s another 9 steps in 40 seconds.

(Not done yet!)

After opening the desktop client, they had to skip sign in, continue to the trial version and manually dial into the conference. That’s 7 steps in 1 minute and 10 seconds, for a total of 7 minutes under ideal testing conditions.

Why does that matter?

Your customers and clients aren’t working under ideal testing conditions.

Imagine the experience that important client of yours will get when you send out a RealPresence meeting invitation. Many aren’t using RealPresence, and will wonder why they need to sign up for a 30-day trial account, download the .NET framework and restart their computer before even installing the software.

Where else does your organization use external video conferencing? What about an HR manager trying to connect with a prospective employee? Or a group video conference with dozens of partners? Can you afford to make the person on the other end of the line sit through 7 (or more) minutes of installation and setup before seeing your face?

Predictably, we use Scopia a lot here at Avaya. We call it, “drinking our own champagne.” Doing so, it’s sometimes easy to forget how feature-poor the competition’s products are.

Case in point: With Scopia, you can see a list of every person who’s participating in the video conference. You can send an IM to the entire group, or a private IM to a specific person inside the conference. You can virtually “raise your hand,” notifying the presenter that you have something to say. You can customize your view window, swapping between live video and a shared desktop. You can annotate content, making notes for the group.

Finally, you have complete control over what you share with the group–either your entire desktop, or just specific applications.

Of those 8 Scopia features, RealPresence has just 2.


If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of satisfied Scopia customers, you already know that Avaya beats Polycom in desktop video conferencing. If you’re evaluating our platform, we encourage you to experience Scopia for yourself.

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