I think therefore I collaborate

You might have seen the article about University of Washington researchers: “US Scientist Operates Colleague’s Brain From Across Campus“. This sounds like a tabloid headline, but it’s not. It’s Science. This is an evolution of the technology that allows for artificial limbs which must be – of course – brain controlled. It’s no longer a miracle to hear about someone functioning with an artificial hand that they can control. So it was only only a small leap before science figured how to use one person’s brain to control someone ELSE’S hands.

I’ll assert that this is only a small creative leap from where we are today. brain flare.jpgWith Avaya’s Flare Experience, conferences seem a lot easier than they ever were. Combining audio, video, and collaboration seamlessly, it sometimes feels like our conversations are more intuitive than they would have been in the past. We no longer have to reserve conference bridges to talk things over – we can just essentially walk down a virtual hallway to gather people together. And sharing ideas on a whiteboard or from a file is instantaneous.

OK, disclaimer time: Certain statements contained in this article are forward-looking using terms such as “believe,” “continue,” “could”, “might,” “potential,” “predict,” “should” or other similar terminology. Such forward looking statements are only guesses and have no foundation in reality.

So what would happen if we combined Avaya Flare with the University of Washington’s technology? (Just connecting the dots here, since they’re an Avaya customer). This would be Brain-linked Collaboration – ESP Conferencing. This could take our conferencing applications to a whole new level.brain flare wires.jpg

Sure, things are easy now, but in this new approach, you wouldn’t even have to bother with a mouse, microphone for speech input, or even a computer monitor. To steal a line from the philosopher Descartes, Cogito ergo collaborare – I think therefore I collaborate.

I’m certain that Avaya Labs isn’t working on this yet. I know they’ve got their thinking caps on to invent collaboration that will make things feel a lot more intuitive. And I can guarantee that none of their work requires you to wear a cap with wires.