Five for Friday: Best Costumes for your Office Halloween Party

Avaya’s social media manager here. This will be the second consecutive year our headquarters in Santa Clara, CA hosts an employee Halloween party on Thursday, October 31 (I should know, I’m on the committee). We’re awarding prizes for costumes in 3 categories:

  • Funniest
  • Scariest
  • Most Creative

This got me thinking. What are the 5 best Halloween costumes for a work office party?

  • #1 Come dressed as a competitor .

Clearly, coming dressed as a Pepsi can to a party at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta would win scariest. They would either play ‘kick the can’ or try to drink you. (sorry, but my mom is a die-hard Pepsi lover)

iphone 522.jpg
  • #2 Come dressed as a reporter covering Ebola
    No political statement here folks. Just come dressed as any ’news’ reporter and give spot on coverage of the Ebola CRISIS hitting the US. Here’s looking at you, accurate newscasters. Bonus: You can also use that costume to hit on a coworker: “Do you want to be quarantined with me?” #ImSureHRapproves


  • # 3 Come via monitor .

Never fear, remote workers or out-of-the-box thinkers, there’s no need to put on pants. Dress up from home, join in on the party with Scopia Mobile, and you could look like this amazing group:

  • # 4 Come dressed as your boss .

Now, this has to be done delicately. And only if your boss has a sense of humor. If they do, this is sure to win you funniest, or a pink slip. I don’t know how I’m going to come dressed as a 6’5″ Asian man – but I accept the challenge. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • #5 Do not come dressed as Miley Cyrus

No, twerking is not allowed. And no foam fingers associated with any sports mascot. It’s ruined. Forever. But hey she’s a PR genius, right? We’re still talking about it 6 weeks later. How’s that for Twitter reach and engagement? Still don’t want to heed my advice? Prepare to deal with these loving gazes from your coworkers:


Stay classy interwebs and Happy Halloween everyone!

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