"Dude, Communicate With Me On MY Terms!"

Millenials have increased expectations for customer experiences.

Among 16- to 24-year-old consumers, 48% would rather shop at your brick-and-mortar store than on your web site (compared to the average of 42%). Online, 68% of those consumers would like the option of using web chat.

How are you doing when it comes to communicating with your customers on THEIR TERMS? Are you unifying the customer experience across all the touch points your customers want to use when they interact with you?

Businesses are learning to interact with a new breed of customer – the Digital Native. These customers communicate and transact with us on their terms. They are tech savvy, they feel right at home with self-service, and they expect immediate resolution at the click of a mouse. No matter where, how, or when they contact a business, they expect immediate service, consistent information and a unified customer experience.

These Digital Natives have little appreciation for the complexity involved in meeting those expectations – nor do they particularly care. The inherent complexity is no excuse for companies not mastering the multichannel customer experience.

Too many businesses talk about Customer Experience Management, yet cling to their old ways. They pour resources into creating better voice interactions — which is still important! But they treat web chat and social media as secondary channels. They continue to maintain silos of information, processes and systems.

Let’s face it, change is hard!

But it’s worth it. Carrying on a persistent conversation demands that we use everything we know about the customer, regardless of channel. To deliver a consistently positive customer experience across all touch points we must enable collaboration so anyone in the company can bring the right resources into the conversation and resolve customer issues.

The customer experience feels unified when the systems and processes behind it are also unified. Only then can we fulfill the high expectations of Digital Natives – and unlock the value in every interaction.

Avaya is hosting a webinar series that will help you unify your Customer Experience Management efforts and meet every customer on their own turf. Register now for “Where did all the Customers Go? (And How do I Win them Back?)”

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