Your First 90 Days with a Customer Will Make or *Break* Your Relationship

I remember when dating guides started taking a darker tone in the late 90s. First, there was “The Rules” to help desperate women boost their allure to men. Then there were the slew of tomes from self-proclaimed male ‘pick-up artists’ designed to seduce ladies using controversial techniques such as the “neg.” Reading these, you’d get the unfortunate impression that dating is all verbal warfare, disguised feelings – and heartbreak. 

Fortunately, no one’s arguing that building good customer relationships has to require the same sort of trickery. Most experts agree that it’s all about open communication, and treating your customers right – not ‘negging’ them. 

I didn’t say good customer relationships are easy, to build, however. First impressions count. With customers, the first 90 days are crucial to setting the tone. But if the relationship starts off right, that positive vibe can carry over for years or even decades.

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Source: Managing the Customer Experience e-book, July 2013

Building the infrastructure to deliver good customer experience from day 1 can be pricey. Or it can be cost-effective. It’s up to you whether or not it will break the bank. To avoid that fate, you can learn about some of the ROI-producing strategies and tactics by downloading our recently-published 200-page guidebook, Managing the Customer Experience, which I co-edited.

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You can also learn about thrifty-but-effective strategies and tactics by signing up for our coming Sept. 17 webinar: Is Your Customer Experience Strategy Wasting Your Money? 

Hosted by well-known customer service guru, Jeanne Bliss, the experts for this webinar include Omer Minkara, customer experience analyst with the Aberdeen Group; Jim Warren, a manager at Progressive Insurance helping to build Progressive’s next-generation contact center; and Linda Dotts, vice-president for contact center product management at Avaya.

Also, check out a recap of the first webinar in our series, entitled Five Essential Ways to Boost Your Customer Experience

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