Really? NOT!

In 1897 responding to inaccurate rumors Mark Twain said to a news reporter, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” Like the news of his fictitious demise and magnified in this age of instant communications many things reported as “facts” are later found to be inaccurate or untrue. From the false rumors of George Zimmerman winning a $37 million lottery to the viral conspiracy theories that are often so amusing to contemplate, today’s rumor mill spins with warp speeds. As Twain was not then deceased so too do so many falsehoods become revealed given time to digest the truth.

Here at Avaya we’ve found ourselves recently swept up in a similar inaccurate network of conversations. Avaya solutions are present in over half of the more than 6,500 government run contact centers that answer incoming 9-1-1 calls and manage response to emergencies. Avaya solutions empower response across many other entities in the public safety chain of care. Each second of each day Avaya technologies reliably and consistently support the real-time communications at many thousands of:
– Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP);
– control centers;
– police, fire and emergency medical dispatch centers;
– police stations;
– fire stations;
– hospital emergency rooms;
– on military bases; and
– support all manner of critical communications centers in the US and across the globe.

Even in the face of the clear and present evidence to the contrary demonstrated by this consistent performance, the rumor network has decided that Avaya is no longer in the business of providing communications solutions in support of emergency services. As Seth Meyers & Amy Poehler might ask, “Really?”

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Avaya values the sizable amount of business derived from this vibrant part of Avaya’s customer base. More importantly Avaya upholds the commitment to supporting the mission of public safety and emergency response as strenuously as any commitment the company keeps.

Avaya holds scores of patents in this segment of the industry. As public safety and emergency communications move into the next generation, Avaya looks forward to leveraging the skills and knowledge accumulated in decades of helping customers from across the globe and in many industries as they have migrated from analog to digital technologies and then to modern IP based communications architectures. No other company either by itself or through acquisition has more experience deploying next generation communications than Avaya. The world’s largest commercial centers, financial institutions and government entities run on Avaya solutions. This goes on day-in and day-out, never skipping a beat, tirelessly providing resilient reliable communications in the world’s most challenging environments.

Avaya has many experts in applying the technologies of our portfolio to the special needs of the public safety communications customer. Avaya also boasts an extensive network of resellers who invest heavily in the needed knowledge, personnel and tools critical to support public safety communications and emergency response. In addition through formalized and funded programs Avaya nurtures an ecosystem of technology partners who provide the specialized communications tools and adjunct capabilities required in public safety communications domain.

Many technology companies providing emergency response solutions including AmCom Software, Synergem Technologies, Tiburon, TriTech Software Systems and VPI have integrated their technologies to Avaya’s. These companies take advantage of the Avaya DeveloperConnection program’s comprehensive documentation of Avaya’s industry standards based development environments provided to members. Their technical personnel take advantage of the significant amounts of training and support provided by Avaya to create rock solid integrations. All members of Avaya “DevConnect” are entitled to bring their products into the Avaya testing facilities where those solutions are thoroughly put through their paces. The integrations are then documented and the documentation is released publicly in order that Avaya, our partners and our customers may install and support public safety applications to exceed the requirements of the mission.

Avaya personnel are active participants in many industry initiatives including active contributions to committees and working groups of the Association of Public Safety Communication International (APCO), the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and the European Emergency Number Association (EENA). An example of this is how leveraging Avaya’s unique understanding of the power of Social Media, we volunteered to promote the goals of NENA at the recent annual conference. Staffing “The Podcast Zone” Mark Fletcher, who is a NENA Emergency Number Professional hosted many guests in the booth near the registration and member service area. I did my “Guy on the Street” shtick as the roving reporter during the Technology Showcase. During the conference we produced and posted more than 20 segments of new content from NENA2013 that you may listen to on the Avaya Podcast Network landing page. To date these interviews of NENA officials, honored guests and event sponsors have received over 60,000 downloads. This effort brought significant attention from listeners from across the globe to NENA and the work of its members.

Like Mr. Twain’s demise and Mr. Zimmerman’s lottery winnings, the notions that Avaya’s commitment the public safety communications industry is wavering are false. If you hear the rumors please let them pass or better seek out your Avaya representative who can clarify. You can contact Mark Fletcher or me or any of the many Avaya executives who have had first hand experience and who hold a solid commitment that no communication is more important than one that delivers needed help during an emergency.

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