Real Simpl(ified): Avaya Aura Suite Licensing Gets Easier

The new Avaya Aura Suite Licensing offers a simpler, more flexible way for customers to tailor the exact Unified Communications solution for their organization’s needs. This reduces complexity for end users and business partners alike. It also saves them time, which translates into money saved, too.

(This guest blog is written by Tac Berry, a senior product marketing manager with Avaya.)

The process is familiar. The customer first installs the Avaya Aura software application either in an Avaya-provided server or on a virtualized server running on VMware. Once installed, the user will download a Suite user license to activate those features he or she needs. This is equivalent to a ‘Named User License’ as defined by the Avaya End User Licensing Agreement

Suite licenses combine Avaya Aura features together to provide a simpler selection process. Features are grouped to address key business issues such as system reliability, BYOD or web conferencing. This makes the process of identifying the features and ordering those features straightforward for any enterprise. For customers with diverse employees, it is possible to mix the Suite licenses. For example, a CIO can allocate 25% of his or her licenses each to Foundation and Collaboration users, with the remaining 50% to Mobility users.

The new licensing does 4 things:
· Creates packages targeting key business collaboration issues for added value to customers.
· Simplify orders for customers and channel partners.
· Accelerate adoption of new collaboration applications.
· Competitively price features by grouping them in bundles.

Three UC feature suites are offered, an alternative to multiple individual licenses for UC features. Each Suite license incorporates a set of Avaya Aura features designed to establish a solid UC core platform and offer easy upgrades to the latest Avaya video and mobile collaboration solutions.


Foundation Suite is the basic communication level, similar to the previous Enterprise Edition license. It includes SIP, soft clients, desktop UC integration with point-to-point video, and core applications survivability.


Mobility Suite uses Foundation Suite features to enable complete enterprise mobility and BYOD solutions for any employee. The Mobility offer includes Avaya Flare?Experience for the iPad, and Avaya one-X?Mobile for SIP, iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. It also includes Avaya Aura Messaging and Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise to support advanced messaging, secure network access and VPN-less secure remote communications.


Collaboration Suite allows any enterprise to gain full business collaboration utilizing audio, video or the web. This entitles users for Avaya Aura Conferencing 7 and a per user license for Scopia Desktop and Mobile clients in addition to all the features available with the Mobility Suite.

Other advantages of Avaya Aura Suite Licensing:
· Supports the latest release of the Avaya Aura UC applications (6.2 FP2)
· Encompasses multiple features in a single license
· Licenses can be combined within a single enterprise, so that each user has to pay for only those features they need and will use.

Download this factsheet to learn more.

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