Bridging the Gap to Workplace Mobility

It’s official – Canadians are addicted to their smartphones.

smartphone in hand

A poll released today by Google shows that over half of all adults are using a smartphone – an increase of 17% over the past year. In addition, 80% of smartphone owners never leave the house without it. So while individuals continue to adopt mobile technology, how are Canadian businesses fairing?

It appears that small businesses are starting to catch up to the consumer segment in their adoption of mobile technology. A poll of Canadian small and medium businesses conducted by Sage back in March of 2013 showed that 78 percent of respondents are using devices to access work-related information. Smartphone adoption was noted as increasing 78% year on year.

Small and Medium businesses are still lagging in their adoption of PBX / Mobile Telephony integration across North America. A recent presentation by Bill Haskins, Senior Analyst, Wainhouse Research , shows that only 1/3 of organizations have deployed PBX / Telephony integration to the smartphone. This, despite that fact that many premise based PBX solutions available today offer exceptional mobile integration that can offer many benefits, including the ability to:

– Create a one-number reach solution for all your employees
– Give your business control of extensions in numbers, to ensure that employee turnover does not negatively impact your business
– Reduce long distance and wireless plan costs
– Provide access to voicemail through a visual application
– Simplify dialing and conferencing using corporate directories
– Provide presence information on your mobile device

While going engaging with many customers and prospects over the past 6 weeks as part of the Avaya Mobile Collaboration Tour (click here to join us at our next stop!) , I have had the pleasure of demoing the Avaya One-x mobile preferred application for many small business owners. Many are surprised to find out that they can easily access their voicemail on the run using a mobile app – easily seeing, deleting and responding to voicemail on the fly. Others had never thought about the potential savings of having their PBX handle outbound calling and long distance, or of the savings they could realize by using IM to communicate across mobile devices.

During most of the conversations I have had, customers were pleasantly surprised that they have the ability to access many of these features on their current IP Office system, and can get access to advanced applications through what can be a very simple and affordable software upgrade.

Is your business in the process of adopting more mobile devices? If so, it is worth a call to your Value Added Reseller to see what your current system might be able to provide to your business, and how you might be able to save money and help your employees increase their productivity by integrating their mobile devices into your businesses collaboration system.

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