Why Big Data is Key for Unified Communications

This Podcast is available on the Avaya Podcast Network as an MP3 Audio File

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Avaya Podcast Network last week at Avaya Evolutions Mexico. Host Mark Fletcher and I had a great conversation that covered explaining contextual awareness and the importance of it for enterprise communications. There’s an immense amount of big data within unified communications as well as contact centers that can be mined and applied to both industries that Enterprise can use to deliver better consumer experiences.

We also touched on the simplification of networks, how they are coming full circle, and how Avaya stands out against the competition on our approach towards working within these simplified communications. As well as the rise of multi-media communications and the solutions Avaya provides to improve user experience. There’s a wealth of information packed within ten minutes of podcast, and I highly recommend taking a moment to listen to this episode.