Friday Afternoon Funnies: Tech That Never Took Off

photo credit: <a href=''>Tadson</a> via <a href=''>photopin</a> <a href=''>cc</a>

Driving home late last night, I came across this little stroke of genius from the comedy crew at the Irrelevant Show on the CBC – a fake infomercial for the next generation of smart phone – The “Cyberdisk”. If you work in telecommunications, this is 4 minutes well spent.

With all the impressive technology we have in place today (speech to text recognition, speech analytics, one number reachability, unified communication, mobile video, etc.), sometimes it amazes me we’ve come so far from the rotary dial of my youth. That being said, I don’t think the rotary phone is making a comback any time soon!

And if you are heading into a long holiday weekend and have a little extra time on your hands, here are some great lists of tech that never took off. Enjoy!

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