Bringing "No Bullet Point" Presentations to IAUG Converge

Let’s face it… While conferences can be fun, there’s only so many presentations you can sit through before you start to see bullet points floating before your eyes, even when you look at the dinner menu for your evening meal.

So we’re gonna try to change that at the IAUG Converge 2013 conference, with IAUG Ignite!, sponsored by Avaya DevConnect.

We’ve invited some of our leading DevConnect partners to share their passion on topics that span UC & Collaboration, Customer Service, Big Data and more through a series of 5-minute talks, presented in a Pecha Chuka-style format. That means each talk is 10 slides, and they automatically advance every 30 seconds.

Join us at IAUG Converge2013 on Monday, 3 June at 1pm for IAUG Ignite!, and hear all these these talks all in a single 1-hour session:

  • Mine Your Motivator – Clouds To Rainbows, Paul Leatherman, Chief Technology Officer, CRI
  • Delighted Customers And Self Service: 5 Ways To A Perfect Match, Gary Van Gordon, Vice President, Interactive Northwest, Inc. (INI)
  • What your PBX Can Learn From Your Car, Paul Davis, Channel Account Manager, Metropolis
  • Don’t be Crippled By The High Infrastructure Costs of VoIP!, John Croce, CEO, Phybridge
  • Why The World Won’t Let Fax Die, Dan Aronson, Channel Development Manager, Sagemcom
  • Turn An Under-staffed, Over-worked And Stressful Environment Into An Enjoyable Work Life, Detta Donahue, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Starfish Associates
  • Amazing Things You Can Do With Avaya Experience Portal, Bob Cooper, CEO, Swampfox Technology
  • Metrics Mash-up: Breaking Down The Barriers Between Real-Time, Historical And Call-Detail Reporting, Chris Rouse, Director of Marketing and Product Management, Symmetrics
  • The Face Of Big Data, Steve McCullough, SVP of Sales, RMG Networks (formerly Symon)

Think of this as bringing a little bit of TEDx to IAUG – a chance to spend 5 minutes hearing from leading technology companies on ways that can help transform your business, change the way you think of day to day challenges, and create new opportunities to make the most of your existing UC, Collaboration and Contact Center investments.

As they say about the weather in Chicago (“Give it 5 minutes and it’ll change…“), even if every topic isn’t exactly your interest a 5-minute investment of your time may be well worth it after all, as you come away with some new insight or idea into many of the challenges facing your company today.

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