MLTS PBX Law in the Hopper in Wisconsin

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Today were talking to telecom attorney Martha buyer who’s been on the program several times now to provide a little bit of legal insight on what’s going on in the state of Wisconsin welcome to the program are that good to have you back.

Before a bill in any state can become a law that’s actually on the books it has to go through certain due processes and those processes may vary from state to state Martha give us a rundown real quick of how something becomes an actual law

In what he gives in the legislature this is where things to be added these can be taken out things to be modified

Interested in Wisconsin I don’t worry about running out in making my PBX 911 complaint tomorrow but there is something happening something is going implicitly to keep my eye right?

The document does provide little developed about what the bill is about basically they call off 25,000 feet is a breakpoint so they’re worried about larger buildings but they also call up some additional exceptions that are a little bit different than what we normally say right?

So my opinion what this does is that it recognizes that NLT has business campus environments may have unique characteristics to the mid-guards the front gate you might have internal security you might have a multi-building campus you might appeal to get into some buildings in a recognizes that a plan has to be put in place in conjunction with the PBX owner operator that establishes here’s what’s can happen in a given of an emergency 7000 911 this is what’s going to be kicked off these the procedures is the internal local alerts that are to be provided here’s where you enable responsive to get more information and then a joint plan can be worked out together in conjunction with police fire and medical door the people that have to come and get you in a time of need to its critical that these people are included in this decision process.

Again something that’s not going to happen right away but certainly something that we have to keep our eyes on and I’m sure you’re ready on the phone and I’m going to be on the phone they can some calls to find out what made this bubble to the service all of a sudden what’s going on in Wisconsin

Martha thanks again so much for jumping on this right away I know I called you late last night and said I need a legal analysis on this right away for a podcast and thanks for writing the time a Saturday morning to talk to us I’m sure there’s more to come will be talking about this real soon

Martha can be found on the web at or you can send her an e-mail

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