Enhanced Avaya Automated Chat means Enhanced Customer Support

Continuing the theme of last month’s post on Tools Helping To Reduce The Complexity of Today’s Communications Technology, I have asked Gail Kibbe, Director Avaya Global Support Services, to provide an inside view of the evolution of one of Avaya’s most impressive tools, the Avaya Support Website.

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When Avaya’s all-new, completely redesigned support website (support.avaya.com) launched in April 2012, an early version of Web Chat was among the many new features implemented to deliver faster support to our clients. Almost a full year later, those of us responsible for growing the usefulness of this new support channel reflect on our work with some measure of amazement.

Within months of launching live agent chat online, we deployed Ava, a virtual agent solution. When it became clear some assistance with the website’s reorganized content was needed, Ava concierge was introduced. Ava provides a menu of the most used Web features, tools, and content. Our approach relies on a wide range of techniques to monitor activity and optimize the information and method by which Ava offers information.

This process allows us to continually gather information on what our customers are searching for and determine how we can improve your overall support experience. We use this information to prioritize and enhance the capability of our Chat application to ensure it aligns with your needs. Ava is now handling thousands of inquiries via automated chat, which frees up skilled engineers to assist with more complicated diagnosis and solutions resolution.

In early 2013, we introduced two additional enhancements. The first is Ava’s integration with the Avaya Support Website’s powerful search engine–speeding up knowledge searches and delivering top solutions to clients just as it does to our agents and engineers. The second is Ava’s integration to our Web ticketing system–allowing Ava to deliver fast service request status information. With this integration, clients can quickly check ticket status or update an existing ticket without waiting in a self-service queue.

And we aren’t slowing down! Some clients have already been introduced to an all-new Web Talk support channel that allows for a support phone call directly between a live agent and the client’s computer. This new support channel debuted in March 2013 within Web Chat.

In the coming months, watch for Web Talk to expand as a client-initiated Web Talk channel.

It won’t be long before yet another support channel becomes available – Web Video. There is much to look forward to, so let’s get started!

To learn more about Avaya automated chat and Avaya’s planned multichannel support developments, be sure to read “Enhancing Customer Support through Avaya Automated Chat.”

Tell us: Within the array of multichannel web-based support, which do you prefer – Web Chat, Web Talk, or Web Video?


Gail Kibbe
Director, Avaya Global Support Services

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