The Value of Great Customer Service

Seventy-eight percent of consumers say that they only buy from businesses that make it easy for them to deal with, and a third believe convenience is more important than price. These are some of the results from a recent study conducted by Avaya and BT, and they highlight what has become a drastic change in consumer behavior.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, cellphone, tablet or desktop: any one of these and often times a combination of many have changed the face of customer service and redistributed the reins of control to the consumer. In the past, customers had one lifeline – a telephone – to a business in which to air their grievances. Today the average consumer is armed with a Swiss Army knife of tactics to reach a business as well as other customers.

Many businesses have a very disjointed approach to the customer experience. Mobile, web and social might be handled by marketing or even IT, for example – thus increasing the difficulty of understanding where there are opportunities to meet and exceed customer expectations. With so many avenues for a customer to contact a business, and vice versa, integration of all these threads is key, and best suited to be handled by the contact center.

It was not too long ago that customer service and the mechanism that facilitates it, contact or call centers, were considered cost centers on the periphery of a business that received little attention beyond how to further reduce costs.

Today’s advanced contact centers are much more. They are at the heart of Customer Experience Management (CEM) and staffed by specialists that are charged with providing the best experience throughout the transaction or journey and ultimately, achieving a tangible ROI. As this transformation has evolved, technology has played an increasingly critical role in linking businesses to their customers.

Avaya is excited to announce solutions that continue to help businesses understand, manage and deliver the best possible customer experience at any point in the lifecycle, regardless of how the customer approaches the business. Companies will be able to gain new insights into customer needs with new features like Avaya Automated Chat, as well as the utilization of data analysis in Avaya Speech Analytics and Avaya Contact Flow Analytics.

In an increasingly competitive economic climate made up of flat markets a business must institute transparent customer service policies backed by established technological solutions. Avaya understands these goals and is focused on providing our customers with the tools to make the most out of every customer interaction.
The next time you reach out to a business as a consumer think about your methods and what you hope to achieve. Was it easy to reach someone at the company? Was your preferred contact method supported by the business? When the process was complete, would you do it again? Hundreds of thousands of these interactions happen everyday with thousands of businesses across the globe. When every customer counts, it’s important to make the most out of every interaction.

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