Stop Spreading Germs!

‘Tis the season. Flu season, that is.

Whether it’s traditional influenza paralyzing parts of the U.S. right now or the stomach flu that’s been crippling families in some states, there are ways to avoid getting sick. Of course there are the traditional precautions we should all be taking, but what happens when work gets in the way of our best intentions? If you’re on deadline, working on an important collaborative project or simply don’t have time to take off for illness, you can work without being infected, or infecting others. How…? Well by using video conferencing, of course!

Keep your germs at home and avoid sick coworkers
We can’t protect ourselves from all the bugs out there, but by staying home when we or our loved ones are sick, we can help do our part to stop spreading germs. Video conferencing enables you to collaborate in real-time, face-to-face with your colleagues from anywhere, anytime and on virtually any device. It enables productivity even when you can’t make it into the office.

Even if you are feeling fine, you might appreciate the option to go the video conferencing route if you happen to work with heroic colleagues who drag themselves into the office no matter how badly they feel, and proceed to infect everyone else.

Perhaps you have even been that “hero.” Have you ever gone to work when you had sick family members at home – only to “share the wealth” with your coworkers? If you have, please STOP! Get healthy and stay healthy by limiting contact with colleagues when the flu virus is floating are in the air (not to mention on your desk and in the office kitchen, rest rooms, conference rooms, etc.).

Think twice before flying
Planning a business trip? You may want to reconsider… when it comes time to travel for business, video conferencing looks more attractive than ever at the moment. According to a survey conducted by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, 40 percent of Americans would knowingly get on an airplane for a work trip while infected with the flu. 45 percent would board the plane to go on vacation! Video conferencing is a great way to stay out of the path of any flu virus that might happen to be recirculating through the airline cabin on your flight.

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Nervous about using video? Don’t be – relax, be yourself, and check out our Top 10 Tips for Mobile Video Conferencing.

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