An All-New MCU – So What?

Today, we announced a new MCU, and while that might sound like an announcement only an IT person could love, there is a lot more to the story! The new Scopia Elite 6000 Series MCU really is a game-changer.

It shatters the cost barriers of high definition video conferencing with a revolutionary new architecture for full-featured, enterprise-grade (transcoded) video. Our new MCU leverages both software and hardware–a hybrid approach that has enabled us to redefine the capacity and density capabilities of an MCU.

The Elite 6000 Series MCU comes in a single 1U server and can house up to 40 x 1080p/30 ports and 80 x 720p/30 ports. From what I’ve seen, that’s more than twice the competition (in some cases, five times what our biggest competitors offer in a 1U server). Below is a comparison of popular MCUs:

ports comparison.png

What’s more, it requires a fraction of the power that the competition’s boxes use. As a result, we’ve dropped the industry average price per 720p/30 port by 25 percent or more – lowering the point of entry to under $6,000 per port (figures below are based on information gathered via a Web search).

power image.png

That means savings across the board for our customers. What’s not exciting about that!?!

Doing more with less is a constant theme in our lives these days. The Elite 6000 Series helps businesses save money by making high quality video conferencing more affordable than ever before. And the benefits multiply from there. Rolling out video collaboration capabilities to more employees helps businesses save money because their employees are able to be more productive, make better, faster decisions and save on business travel. It also means employees recoup time spent driving to the office or to customer and partner sites. That frees up more personal time to spend with loved ones. So if you ask me, we’re making the world a better place with this next-gen MCU. Well… maybe not quite, but it was worth a shot 😉

But wait… there’s more!
The Elite 6000 Series MCU wasn’t our only news of the day. We also launched a network readiness and monitoring tool called eVident. A number of vendors have offered similar tools in the past – often branded as their own but developed by a third party. eVident is different – it’s the most comprehensive tool I’m aware of. In talking with a handful of industry analysts, some veteran video network administrators, they agree that eVident is a powerful tool and one that’s much needed in this industry.

Radvision engineers created eVident to address the needs of our larger service provider partners as well as to monitor our own network. It makes sense when you consider our intense focus on optimizing video quality over all types of networks. We wanted to give customers and partners the tools they need to assess, manage and optimize their networks – because a well-managed network is key to delivering an exceptional video collaboration experience.

eVident covers three critical elements for network and endpoint assessments and monitoring:

  • PreVideo enables network administrators to test their networks and determine whether they are ready for Voice over IP (VoIP) and HD video conferencing (prior to deployment).
  • RVMON delivers real time QoE monitoring through continuous collecting and analysis of audio and video metrics of conferences throughout the entire installation, including third-party endpoints and MCUs.
  • VQInsider provides in-depth measurement and analysis of the user experience for quantification of voice and video quality.

You can read more about today’s news on in our newsroom.

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