Paul LangApril 07, 2021

4 Things Holding Your Business Back from Delivering Amazing Customer Service

Successful organizations understand the importance of customer service and go above and beyond to excite and impress. Research shows these brands are outperforming their competitors by nearly 80% with higher employee engagement, profitability, and customer loyalty. 

What separates these businesses from the rest is not the size of their customer service operations or even their budget. They simply have the right tools in place to help customers and employees achieve their goals. The right solution provider makes these tools readily available for every organization, whether you have a handful, hundreds, or thousands of employees.

Here are four common challenges holding businesses back from delivering amazing customer service, and how the right tools enable swift change: 

1. You’re focusing primarily on voice instead of the range of communications channels - both voice and digital - customers want to use to interact with your organization.

Use of digital channels like text messaging, chat, and social media have been climbing over the years, only to be further accelerated by the disruption of the last year. Research confirms that customers moved dramatically toward online channels during the pandemic. Now, compared to before the pandemic, most individuals are three times more likely to say that at least 80% of their service interactions are digital in nature. Remember: your customers will go wherever you let them. If your brand has a social presence, your customers expect to be able to contact you with timely and accurate assistance through direct messaging. If you have an email address on your website, customers will submit inquiries and expect a fast, efficient response from a service rep.

A seamless cloud customer service solution helps to increase loyalty by enabling customers to effortlessly connect with your organization when and how they want. You can knit together customers, employees, and the voice and digital communication channels they use to enable seamless interactions, handoffs, and data that helps everyone work faster and smarter with more satisfaction.

2. You offer limited and/or poorly performing self-service options. 

The value of self-service in todays digital age cannot be understated, especially in a COVID-affected era of overwhelmed customer support teams. Research from KPMG shows a 30% increase in the number of companies who are now actively investigating automation and self-service technologies compared to before COVID hit. Your customers need at least one or two options for servicing themselves before picking up the phone to connect with your organization.

This could be something as simple as offering 24x7 self-service that allows customers to get answers to their questions on the device they want, in the channel of their choice, without needing to speak with an employee. A seamless cloud customer service solution offers secure and effortless self-service using everything from simple touch-tone to voice-based IVR to AI-enabled digital assistants that guide the customer journey, answer queries, and deliver near-human interactions at scale. 

3. You keep routing customers to “just” the next available person.

Today, its no longer satisfactory to just find the next available person to assist a customer. You need to match customers with the best resources within your organization - whoever that happens to be, wherever they are located. Imagine the power of being able to route a customer who is highly likely to cancel their service to one of your top retention specialists. Or routing a caller located in a Texas suburb to an employee who lives in a nearby city to help foster a personal brand relationship. 

A cloud customer service solution provides real-time intelligence about a customer (their intent, sentiment, location, purchasing history) and current business conditions so you can match the right support resources with that callers needs. Youll speed up your customers ability to get the answers and services they require while delivering more personalized and compelling service experiences that far surpass traditional customer support processes.

4. Your employees don’t have the tools they need to take service to that next level.

The employee experience matters big time. Notice we say employee” and not customer service agent.” Every employee across the organization is now an extension of the customer support /contact center, working together to enable an effortless and unified customer journey. That means every employee must have everything they need to do their job well all in one place to optimally serve customers.

The right cloud customer service solution delivers all of this and more. Different tools are made easily accessible for actions like responding to a text interaction, creating a case, accessing CRM customer records, and exploring the knowledge center. Employees need a customizable workspace that provides all the information and tools they need on a single desktop screen. This accessibility is critical in the wake of COVID-19 (research from CCW shows that only 7% of companies anticipate returning to a traditional” contact center or customer service model even after the pandemic is officially over).

Against the backdrop of dizzying change and heightened expectations, management must assess and adapt to deliver the customer and employee experience critical to their organizations success. Experience an online demo of Avaya OneCloud CCaaS today.


4 Things Holding Your Business Back from Delivering Amazing Customer Service

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