Paul LangFebruary 02, 2022

Total Experience, Total Happiness

Understanding Total Experience

Understanding how your customers’ Total Experience (TX) plays into your business objectives is imperative. Total Experience is about making connections, providing a seamless link between customer, employee, user, and multi-experience. Total Experience challenges organizations to think about the entire customer and employee experience. It requires building strategy, technology capability, and innovation frameworks holistically, as the experience needs to be end-to-end. So instead of planning, implementing, and measuring these different functions in silos, Total Experience requires organizations to bring them all together.


Benchmarks of Success

Total Experience is a small phrase for a big idea. But how do you know if your company is leading the charge – or falling behind?

We’ve provided a way to measure Total Experience through a benchmarking study from IDG Communications. The primary purpose of this study was to understand the role customer experience plays in Total Experience. This helps businesses to be truly customer-centric in an intentional way. The study explored these relationships by studying approximately 500 enterprise companies across the globe. If that’s not one heckuva experiment, we don’t know what is.

Strategy and Your Customer

The only way to build a truly cohesive, strategic, and forward-thinking customer strategy is through Total Experience. If you’re not thinking about how this affects your end-users, then you’re not in a customer-first mindset. To provide clients with the very best possible customer experience, all working parts have to be satisfied – think about it – if your employees are unhappy, then generally your customers are not happy, either. If your vendors don’t understand the service they are providing due to a lack of communication, then customers are going to be unhappy when you have supply chain issues. All experiences need to blend cohesively so your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

For example, if a current customer cannot easily interact with customer support without having a consistent experience across all of their devices, that will affect their overall experience. The interaction between customer and organization must be seamless – which is what Total Experience takes into account.

Cohesive Customer Interaction + Strategy

Only half of companies surveyed in our IDG study rated themselves as “good” on “cohesive interaction strategies.” What components fall under this strategy? Glad you asked!

In our study, we had businesses rank themselves for the following: mobile, social listening, expanded service channels, real-time social media engagement, and analytics. All of this plays into not only a cohesive customer strategy but also into the overall business strategy and, you guessed it – your customer’s Total Experience journey.

Next Steps

Wondering how your business stacks up? So are we! Visit our web page to learn more about Total Experience and how you can use it for a total customer solution, and to take a self-assessment to see where you land on Total Experience.

Total Experience, Total Happiness

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