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February 28, 2022

Leveraging Cloud Communications to Connect with Constituents

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, something interesting happened: the number of state and local officials working remotely set off a chain reaction. As these officials were working from home, communications plans were implemented which outlined COVID-19 response protocols and procedures. While all of this was happening, an increase in technical support requests naturally arose. Were problems fixed? You bet they were, but more slowly than before, due to delays from COVID-19 related shutdowns.

Before the pandemic, constituent engagement was gauged as “very important” by 43% of statewide and local participants in a recent study. Presently, that statistic has been upped to 56.7%, indicating higher demand for public sector services. We know it – and the government does, too.

What’s Next?

Now that demand for public services has risen, it’s high time to strengthen digital infrastructure and accept that cloud-based communication is the wave of the future for both internal and external communications. Government employees – in their many varied forms – need to reach the public quickly and efficiently, especially during a public health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, and who knows what next.

The Importance of External Communications

Governments need to have their proverbial fingers on the pulse of the latest technology. Any sort of new tech will have a learning curve, but governments and agencies must keep track of the best-in-class ways to communicate with their constituents. External communications are a vital link, especially during these pandemic years, and local agencies must have reliable and secure means of communicating with the public. An all-in-one solution like Avaya Cloud Office can help.

Cloud-Based Communication 

Learning more about how the cloud can help government and local agencies engage with their constituents is the first step for any organizer. While cloud-based applications have been available for the past 15 years, many government agencies are behind in the process of establishing a secure communications solution. But it has only become easier to adopt cloud-based technologies as they have improved over time. There are many simplified solutions these days for nearly any issue or pain point. Cloud and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) are providing effective means of communication between agencies and people. Get your IT department on board with a single unified system and see how your communications solution changes for the better.

How Avaya Can Help 

Avaya Cloud Office allows government employees the means to effectively communicate with constituents externally. We can help governments with emergency services, cloud solutions, next-gen communications setup, and global coalition forces. Reach out to an Avaya representation today to find out how we can help your state and local agencies exceed expectations – all on the cloud.

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