Oliver BengtssonJanuary 11, 2022

The Value of Integrated Cloud Services

All Together Now

To be successful today, most businesses need the cloud - and they know it. The agility and resiliency that cloud services provide have become crucial for doing business. The old ways of work frankly don’t compare well to what’s possible with the cloud. In the face of the pandemic, lots of companies realized this and went into cloud deployment panic mode, adopting any cloud technology in a frenzy to meet rapidly changing business needs. Where does that leave them now? Unfortunately, many of these hurried investments fail to meet security, reliability, and scalability requirements to keep businesses moving forward. So, what’s the solution? Integrated, extensible cloud services platforms are uniquely suited to deliver great results today and to meet future demands.

Bumps In The Road

Employee productivity, operational efficiencies, and customer satisfaction are just a few of the many KPIs that can be improved through cloud services - but not all services are created equal, and making the wrong choice can have major consequences. Think of your cloud deployment journey like a road trip. Jumping in the first car you find, without a clear plan, can get you rolling, but you’ll likely find yourself lost or stranded on the side of the road sooner rather than later, watching the rest of the drivers pass you by and wondering where you went wrong.

What to Watch Out For

Worried your cloud services choices will leave your business in the dust? There are more than a few ways cloud deployments can go wrong. From rushed stop-gap deployments to cloud silos, to inflexible and limited free/freemium services, to legacy user experiences and outdated or tethered technology; complications are common. Businesses end up with increased costs, complexity, marginal performance, and limited flexibility.

Integrated Services Deliver

These cobbled-together cloud “solutions” don’t solve anything, do they? So, what’s a business to do? The answer lies in a more holistic approach. That’s where integrated, extensible cloud services come in.

Think ROI, Not DIY

Businesses today have a lot of different people to please in a lot of different ways. It’s understandable why companies end up combining disparate cloud services to keep up, but as we’ve seen, there are significant problems that may arise with a hodgepodge approach. Plenty of people explored their creative sides during the pandemic, but save the DIY craft projects for your Pinterest board - your cloud services platform should be integrated and cohesive, not slapped together (and please, no glitter!)

An integrated cloud services platform can ensure your business meets the diverse needs of all your users, whether they’re suited up in the C-suite, their home office, chatting with customers in a contact center, or chiming in from the carpool lane. Eliminating silos and unifying analytics ensures everyone can make informed, data-driven decisions when it matters most. This is good news for your users and great news for your ROI.

Microservices, Major Benefits

Cloud migrations and communications upgrades aren’t just changing for change’s sake. There’s no denying that the demand for personalized products and services and business adaptability has skyrocketed. How can companies keep up? Extensible microservices-based platforms with flexible APIs are the answer.

Optimize and Digitize with APIs

The digital era is an exciting one, but it is also demanding. Digitizing business models and scaling technologies is vital to staying relevant and meeting demands. Microservices-based platforms and APIs deliver unique and measurable benefits, from improving efficiencies through automating workflows, enhancing CX, and supporting employees (EX) to increase productivity, reduce human error, and create safer environments, just to name a few. According to Frost & Sullivan data, up to 90% of businesses surveyed plan to increase their use of APIs in the future, including chatbots, two-factor authentication, voice, video, messaging, and email APIs, and it’s easy to see why. Optimized operations, improved quality, increased growth, and a competitive edge - if you’re a decision-maker at your company, what are you waiting for?

How Avaya Can Help

An integrated All-in-one cloud communications solution like Avaya Cloud Office has the flexibility, reliability, security, scalability, and App integration, and API extensibility necessary to bring your business into the future while meeting the needs of today. Here at Avaya, we believe in the power of communication and collaboration. After all, we are better together. Our comprehensive cloud service solutions deliver personalized, shared experiences that empower businesses to be more agile, competitive, and successful.

The Value of Integrated Cloud Services

Oliver Bengtsson

Oliver Bengtsson is a Senior Marketing Manager in the Avaya Solutions Marketing team, focused on Avaya OneCloud  CPaaS and UCaaS . 

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